Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ofee off the hook

Qns. 'stalker' walks

A Queens court officer who routinely pestered women at bus stops and was caught in his car with an open fly and a wig was acquitted of harassment and stalking charges yesterday in the courthouse where he worked.

Christopher Ofee, 43, had been charged with harassment and stalking for approaching two women, including a model, asking directions and offering them rides.

Queens Supreme Court Justice Joel Blumenfeld acquitted Ofee after a bench trial, saying the prosecution had not proved he had intended to alarm or annoy the women.

Instead, he could have merely been trying to pick up the women, the judge said. But Blumenfeld didn't let the officer off the hook entirely.

"There's something not normal about what your conduct was," he toldOfee, who was stripped of his gun when he was arrested in March.

He also told Ofee's lawyer, Wyatt Gibbons to "get [his client] counseling.

"He needs help," he said.

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Anonymous said...

This guy was out there for a year? If he gets his gun/shield back, i see a nice lawsuit down the pike.This loser will do this again.He now feels empowered by the acquittal.