Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Kosciuszko Bridge to cost $1B

From the Brooklyn Paper:

The pricetag for a state plan to replace the crumbling Kosciuszko Bridge by 2017 has ballooned to more than a billion bucks to accommodate the eight-year inflation expected during the long-awaited and long-needed replacement.

For that price, we might get something truly stunning — a concrete cable-stayed straight out of a science fiction movie (or the downtowns of many other cities). In layman’s terms, the futuristic bridge resembles two space-turkey wishbones standing upright with diagonal connection cables.

Last month, the Kosciuszko Bridge Stakeholders Advisory Council — a Department of Transportation-appointed panel of local activists — chose three final designs for the new 1.1-mile span.

In addition to the front-runner (pictured) were a simple box girder design and a crescent arch similar to the Bayonne Bridge.

They would all cost a lot, but Adam Levine, spokesman of the state Department of Transportation, said the cost was expected.

“For a bridge that is a mile long in New York City, $1 billion is the going rate,” he said.

Whatever design is chosen, the new bridge will have nine lanes, up from the current six; have a less-steep incline now that there’s no longer a need to accommodate large boat traffic on the Newtown Creek; a bike and pedestrian lane; and a boat launch.


Anonymous said...

I understand that Bloomtard wants to allocate a million dollars to help New Yorkers learn how to spell "Kosciuszko Bridge".
PS Instructors will be required to wear tweed suits!

Anonymous said...

I thought the city had no money!

Adolf Bloomhitler said...

Zat iz rich...und zo am I!!!

4 more yearz!

Anonymous said...

PS Instructors will be required to wear tweed suits!

You misread the memo. It was strongly suggested.