Saturday, August 14, 2021

NYPD fully funds NYCHA basketball courts with drug money


CBS New York 

 From drug money to basketball courts — this year, the NYPD is doing something different with the assets seized from drug dealers.

CBS2’s Ali Bauman got an exclusive look at how police are re-investing some of their funds.

Queensbridge Houses have a brand new basketball court.

“What do you think of the new court?” Bauman asked 10-year-old Troy Evans.

“It’s fire!” Troy said.

But back in June, the court was unrecognizable.

“The ground’s cracked, weeds coming up, the rim is off the side, and one of the residents said, ‘What do you think the message is to the people who live here?'” said Chauncey Parker, NYPD deputy commissioner for community partnerships.

The housing authority doesn’t exactly have the budget to spruce them up.

“We really rely on our city partners for this type of investment,” said Sideya Sherman, NYCHA‘s executive vice president of community engagement and partnerships.

So this summer, the NYPD is renovating basketball courts at 15 city housing developments.

“This is their playground. These basketball courts is their playground,” said Deputy Inspector Luis Colon, with housing bureau special projects.

Colon is overseeing the project.

“From a kid that grew up in the Bronx, in the south Bronx, and actually grew up in one of the housing developments in the Bronx, I think it’s important that we do improve community relations,” he said.


Anonymous said...

Now they can go out to the basketball court wearing 500 dollar pair of yeezys on their feet with an iPhone in their hands and paying no rent and still complain that they are poor and the government isn't helping them. Welcome to the "projects"!

DSA transplant said...

Classic copaganda

Anonymous said...

I'm sure basketball courts will solve the gang and shooting problem at the Queensbridge houses and every other project location. What's next pizza parties.
Just more innocent victims to shoot for the gangbangers who can't seem to hit their intended target.

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone enjoys their local worn out parks in your section of Queens (where there is never any money for the parks, let alone a renovation), knowing that the projects are getting nice upgraded amenities, so the crackheads and gangs can hang out there and completely destroy it by the end of the summer.

Anonymous said...

"So this summer, the NYPD is renovating basketball courts at 15 city housing developments."

Great. The $4,000,000 should have ben spent on summer education for school age NYCHA residents who are failing.

Anonymous said...

Drug money minus the "small" cut they took for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't they use the drug money to fund Job Training programs, Educational programs, more community centers, and programs on how to be a more productive person and a better human being?

Funding basketball courts in NYCHA complexes just leads to more violent crime, gun shootings, disorderly citizens, and more drugs being sold.

Anonymous said...

More Social engineering by Libturds ! In the 1990s it failed to lower inner-city crime.
Trade workshops or programs on different life skills would be the right thing !

Anonymous said...

They think if they are just shootin' some b-ball outside of the school that eventually they'll be the next princes of Bel Aire!

Anonymous said...

Reading all these comments gives me hope. Finally people are waking up to #BLUEANON.