Thursday, August 26, 2021

DHS ceases using neighboring hotels for sheltering homeless families


Redding St. 2017, JQ LLC


Queens Chronicle 

The city will be phasing out the use of two Ozone Park hotels to shelter homeless families in the fall, according to the city Department of Homeless Services.

Travelodge by Wyndham Ozone Park located at 137-30 Redding St. is slated to close Sept. 30, and the Ozone Inn & Suites at 137-08 Redding St. will close on Nov. 30.

The DHS will work with approximately 23 households residing at these locations over the coming weeks to connect some to permanent housing and others to alternative shelter placements.

The agency’s use of the two Ozone Park locations goes back to late 2016. They are not Covid-period commercial hotels, which the agency used throughout the pandemic to provide social distancing for its clients, and also began dismantling in July.

The agency maintains that the effort to transition from its use of hotels for homeless shelters is part of a longer-term process of phasing out the stop-gap use of commercial hotels that goes back to previous administrations.

“No one will be displaced and turned out onto the street. This is normal course-of-business work that is part of the plans/commitments we laid out in the Mayor’s Turning the Tide plan several years ago,” wrote a Department of Social Services spokesperson in an email response to questions from the Chronicle.

These hotels have been used as shelters for nearly a half a decade, so why do this now with the Delta Variant spreading?


Anonymous said...

I’m sure the shill’s master has some vested financial interest.

Anonymous said...

Great, they will just move them to Elmhurst or Ravenswood - places with no viable civics.

Anonymous said...

Get ready Sheeple deBozio is coming for your homes !
The eviction moratorium is not legal even if done by an act of Congress. The moratorium (in my opinion) constitutes use of eminent domain without Constitutionally required fair market value compensation and is a violation of private property rights.

Anonymous said...

The government loves to help people as long as someone else is paying the bill.

Anonymous said...

Why are all the black people homeless (according to Cori Bush) and why is it everyone else's problem ?

Anonymous said...

If you haven't paid your rent this whole time then you deserve to be on the streets. There are jobs EVERYWHERE. Hell take two jobs if that what it takes.

Anonymous said...

Malace said...
I’ll be safer from covid living in a mansion rather than an apartment. The CDC should demand someone give me their mansion.

Anonymous said...

"This is real life Homie!" Coori Bush

Anonymous said...

"The Free ride is over Comrades"
Lazy Socialist Advocator

Anonymous said...

The lockdowns were unconstitutional. Rather than helping the people and the landlords, Dems do nothing. They caused this. Yes, it hurts labor but the people that have been screwed aren’t getting help. It’s a joke that they are giving stimulus to families with children in a 2 parent household that’s making $150k per year but they won’t help landlords or the poorest people, those making $30k or less that are struggling due to the high rents and housing shortages they are allowing to spiral out of control. But sure, let’s keep the border wide open and continue flooding the country with illegal migrants. Sure, there’s plenty of housing and jobs for THEM.

Anonymous said...

On the streets?
These wind up being more people to rape and rob you!
Let Congress pay the landlords not me with increased taxes , though!

Anonymous said...

"Great, they will just move them to Elmhurst or Ravenswood - places with no viable civics."

Considering Ravenswood has major NYCHA housing projects, homeless shelters will just add to the charm of that neighborhood.

And don't you remember all the homeless shelter controversy in Elmhurst? Several years ago, they converted the Pan Am Motel into a homeless shelter literally overnight, without notifying anyone. There were a series of large protests against the Pan Am motel and other motel-shelters. Civics such as Elmhurst United formed to fight the homeless shelters. People started Facebook and WeChat groups to organize. But they ultimately lost, just like the Cooper Avenue shelter in Glendale. None of the local politicians bothered to help, because that area is at the edge of all their gerrymandered districts.

The Elmhurst homeless shelter protests got some press, even the NY Times covered them. Because the protests drew hundreds if not a thousand people, mostly Chinese but also some White and Hispanic homeowners. Meanwhile the shelter residents were overwhelmingly Black folks from the Bronx and Brooklyn. The press basically painted the situation as a bunch of racist Asians hating on poor Black people.

It was absurd media coverage. The City took the largest building on the Elmhurst-Woodside border, you can see it from miles away, and converted it into a homeless shelter with a thousand person capacity. But de Blasio's cronies and the media elites acted all surprised that homeowners in that area would fight back.

The homeless industrial complex has already expanding into middle class Black neighborhoods. They converted a motel near Baisley Pond Park in southeastern Queens into a homeless shelter a few years ago. Shelter residents steal from local homes and stagger around the neighborhood in various states of intoxication. One shelter resident murdered another homeless guy just earlier this year.

Anonymous said...

They are 3 of them on 150th ave and south conduit in south ozone park disgusting

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Said..

There are jobs EVERYWHERE.

BUT how many of those jobs provide a good living wage is the bigger question, especially in a city as expensive as NYC, but many cities are becoming expensive while many jobs do not pay well or keep up with inflation.

BRING back manufacturing jobs instead of turning all of these buildings into "luxury apartments/condos".

This issue was not as bad when most people were working good livable wages and our country actually MADE things. You would think with COVID and how hard it was to get certain parts, etc for cars, computers, etc, that we would once again start making THINGS. That is the TRUE "make America great again".

Anonymous said...

Set the shelters up in Corona, Cartel Country.

That should be interesting - Local Latinos vs Bused in Blacks.

Any oddsmakers out there?

Anonymous said...

@“ BRING back manufacturing jobs instead of turning all of these buildings into "luxury apartments/condos".

Sounds wonderful. But government bringing jobs back is socialism, and Americans don’t like socialism. They still believe in the myth of the free market economy that makes the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Anonymous said...

"That is the TRUE "make America great again".

Last year the sheeple decided MAGA was bad so now we have MASAP-Make America Shitty As Possible. Better get used to it because this is the future of this banana republic thanks to the permanently enthroned, criminally insane Commiecrats.

Anonymous said...

@“ BUT how many of those jobs provide a good living wage is the bigger question, especially in a city as expensive as NYC”

Thank Ronnie Regan for smashing the unions which brought about the destruction of the American middle class.