Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Donnie Richards approves luxury public housing tower in Woodside...a month ago.

Queens Post 

 A developer’s application to rezone a large piece of property on Roosevelt Avenue received the blessing of the Queens Borough President last month and the project’s fate is expected to be determined by the city council in October.

The application calls for the development of a 13 story, 213 unit complex—including 54 affordable units—on Roosevelt Avenue­ between 62nd and 63rd Streets. About 10 stores along the avenue will have to be bulldozed to make way for the project.

The project was approved by Queens Borough President Donovan Richards on July 20, about six weeks after Community Board 2 voted in favor of the project, 30-5, on June 3.

The developer seeks to construct a 211,500 square foot building that would also include 7,500 square feet of space dedicated to arts groups—in addition to the affordable housing.

Without a rezoning, the building would be limited in size to 119,500 square feet (nine stories)—and only 123 units could be built. The developer, however, would not be required to provide affordable housing or offer art space.

Richards came out in favor of the project, subject to a number of commitments from the developer that Community Board 2 also sought.

He called on the developer, Woodside 63 Management LLC, to provide family sized units and to make sure that the 54 “affordable units” are offered to households earning an average Area Median Income of 60 percent. This equates to a household income of $68,220 for a family of four.



Anonymous said...

I want to live next to a clattering subway - how about you?

Captain Al said...

Did our Borough President also seek guarantees that the project would be built using unionized labor? Does he care about good jobs?

Anonymous said...

Just make sure it has a poor door!

Anonymous said...

How many hundreds will be living in this place?

Look a the battered buildings off the JayZee line which were built solid, what will it look like in a few decades since these are built by today's methods, on the cheap?

Anonymous said...

Build baby build. It’s the American way.

Anonymous said...

What do you socialist commenters have against the free market economy and cheap labor?
Without this, we would be just like Afghanistan.
Build baby Build.

Anonymous said...

If you voted democrat, you don't get to complain about anything.

Anonymous said...

Within a year it will be a slum tenement thanks to the tenants. They'll be putting in families that are nothing like the families you know about. More like gang crews. Bringing crime to Woodside.

Anonymous said...

@“ They'll be putting in families that are nothing like the families you know about. ”

You mean the Brady Bunch isn’t going to be moving in? How about the Huxtables?

Anonymous said...

They are building NYC as a third-world slum block by block with only enclaves of the very wealthy like Hudson Yards.

After what Gianaris did for his boys in the clubhouse to deny all that money to LIC (just think of where they would be now with that money on tap), and the other crew doing everything to expand the projects around the Gowanus Canal, the Democratic Party seems hell-bent on making the outer boroughs safe districts for the Party by filling them up with slums.

Anyone with the slightest degree of sense knows this building will look like something in mainland China or India within a few years. Just look at that garbage on Queens Blvd west of Elmhust to get a sense of what is in store for the rest of Woodside.

Anonymous said...

This building is very dangerous location because it is very close to the final approach for aircraft landing at LaGuardia Airport's Runway No. 4.

Anonymous said...

Queens beeps have historically always sucked up to developers. It is one of the most corrupt offices in city government.
How else would they get money to run their expensive political campaigns?
Developers cash!