Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Defund these police


 NY Post

Three top NYPD execs are collecting hefty pensions from their time on the force in addition to six-figure salaries for their current civilian roles — including the man tasked with keeping cops honest, Internal Affairs boss Joseph Reznick, a Post review has found.

And despite carrying the lofty title, the trio isn’t even technically deputy commissioners by the letter of the City Charter, which the department has apparently flouted for years to swell its well-compensated executive ranks.

The Post uncovered the dual incomes of Reznick, Deputy Commissioner of Labor Relations John Beirne and Deputy Commissioner for Employee Relations Robert Ganley through a review of payroll and pension records — just weeks after exclusively reporting that former NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan was also double-dipping in his new City Hall gig.

Reznick, 70, started pulling in a $177,825.72 annual pension 19 months after changing titles from chief of internal affairs to deputy commissioner of internal affairs in March 2014, according to public data and pension records obtained through the state Freedom of Information Law. 

Public payroll records show that that’s on top of a current $241,116 salary for Reznick, whose tumultuous tenure has recently included using controversial facial recognition software to identify cops caught drinking en route to a slain colleague’s funeral, and overseeing the questionable use of subpoenas in internal probes to obtain reporters’ records.

The now-civilian IAB head brags in his LinkedIn profile how his post was specifically created for him “due to a ridiculous restricted age requirement” capping uniformed service at 63.

“This new title basically allows me to work in my current assignment with no ‘age limit’ applied,” wrote Reznick.


Tit not Tat said...

Indeed, defund THESE police but beware a possible false equivalency: Resnick did not shoot anyone dead or land them in the hospital.

Anonymous said...

The second from the left looks like the late Jerry Orbach of "Law & Order"

Anonymous said...

Clean up the swamp!
NYC is the original bog money pit of misused $$$$$$$....corruption and lack of government skills or imagination. The crooked get richer at the expense of the poorer. Ahhh....but now their jowls are stuffed and they’re screwing the middle class. Hmmmmm....you’re either super rich or section 8. That’s the big rotten apple!

Anonymous said...

GANGS! Some wear blue (the cops) the other gang colors vary

JQ LLC said...

@Anon 1

Yes that is. He played a dirty cop in Prince of the city and then a witty classy cop on Law and order a decade later.

Anonymous said...


Curtis Sliwa is tha Man!

Anonymous said...

"Curtis Sliwa is tha Man!" Yes he is and has always been ! Big brass balls...