Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Queens Family Court pushing back on immigration scam

From NBC:

Some Queens Family Court judges have begun pushing back against young Punjabi men who they think may be looking for an improper shortcut to citizenship, the I-Team has learned.

In the newest examples in an alleged scheme the I-Team first uncovered more than a year ago, young men have been entering the U.S. on school trips to Disney, then hopping buses to New York and telling judges that they cannot return home because their family is abusing them.

Recently, at least one judge expressed skepticism that a family that abused its child would then send him on an all-expenses paid trip to Disney.


Anonymous said...

Jeez-ya think?
Bet there's some tie-in to Rotiland in Richmond
Hill there,too.

(sarc) said...

Can you say sanctuary city?


Anonymous said...

I work in a law firm where pro bono work is done sometimes on asylum cases. I refuse to work on them anymore. They are full of lies and exaggerations. Disgraceful. I'm glad some judges are wising up.

Anonymous said...

Might as well put a sign up at the border that says Welcome to Disneyland.