Saturday, November 14, 2015

MTA bus device may improve pedestrian safety

From NBC:

Surveillance video of several recent MTA bus crashes seem to highlight the danger of blind spots for the bus drivers. But a technology called Rosco Vision's Mobileye Shield Plus, which detects the shape and movement of a person, could be a solution. The MTA is testing the system, which may soon to expand to 100 buses. Andrew Siff got an exclusive look at how it works.


Joe in Richmond Hill said...

How about using video cameras in blind spots and rear of buses like the back-up cameras standard in many cars and SUVs?

Anonymous said...

If you are paying attention and driving with care, you should see someone before they enter your blind spot. The blind spot excuse is merely a scapegoat for aggressive driving, particularly through crosswalks. I don't drive a bus but I drive a truck. The concept applies to both.

Anonymous said...

More bus lanes will fix it.

(sarc) said...

$20 million for the pilot program.

So how much for the entire fleet?

And how much goes to graft and waste?

"If it saves just one life"
Then let's just get to the endgame and ban all motor vehicles?

According to President Obama, the recently elected leftist Canadian Prime Minister, and various euro-socialist left-wing open-border types, the most significant danger to the subjugated sheep amid our collective nations is “GLOBAL WARMING“.

Well, they say it, so it must be true!

The definition of marriage is now as malleable and flexible as can be, so;

We can only reasonably reconcile reality and political pontification by accepting the term “global warming” now means “Islamic Jihadists carrying AK-47 rifles and explosive uniforms“...

May the good Lord bless and keep the souls of all those lost in the Paris massacre!

JQ LLC said...

I subscribe to the notions of being aware of your surroundings and emphasizing safety over what will be more convenient and faster for me. Also, common sense and consideration.

costs zero.

Because of one piece of shit and a union that won't be accountable for rogue workers, the city has to write up another expensive contract for something that should be unnecessary but unfortunately isn't because of perpetual incompetence amongst supervisors and drivers.

Anonymous said...

Over-reliance on autopilots has contributed to aircraft crashes. If there's an alarm or signal that replaces ordinary observation, the human tendency is to no longer pay attention and let the automation do that job. So if there's a death after this system is implemented, it will be the scapegoat and not the driver.

Anonymous said...

What would also improve bus saftey, is if the MTA stopped hiring sub-80 IQ mutants to drive the things.