Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cuomo changes mind on veterans bill

From Capital New York:

Just weeks after he vetoed it, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday he would push for a version of a measure in the state budget allowing service members to purchase credit toward the public retirement system based on their years of service.

The vetoed legislation, sponsored by Assemblywoman Amy Paulin and state Sen. Bill Larkin, would have allowed members of a public retirement system to obtain three years of service credit for up to three years of military duty if they were honorably discharged. The bill would have also broadened eligible servicemembers to include those who served in peacetime and those who served during more-recent conflicts.

“The Governor and legislative sponsors plan to work over the next two months to refine the proposal for introduction in the next budget,” Cuomo’s office said in a press release.

In his veto message in October, Cuomo said the legislation included “no viable funding source.”


Anonymous said...

As a veteran who is going through his issues with the VA, it is not worth joining the military. We as veterans are always treated as second class citizens. I don't need a parade and or an extra day off to be appreciated. Give me my dam benefits that are owed!

(sarc) said...

The people who vote for Cuomo hate veterans.

There are deals and oddities that we are privy to...

Anonymous said...

Well, yippie, yippie, tie ay. Ooops. He has to water it down first. Oh. poo. No real benefits for the Veterans. Damn shame.