Thursday, November 12, 2015

Know where your food is cooked

From NBC:

Feel like delivery food tonight? If you order on the popular websites Seamless or GrubHub, the kitchen cooking your dinner may not be what it claims to be.

The I-Team checked 100 of New York City's top customer-rated Seamless and GrubHub restaurants and found slightly more than 10 percent of the kitchens were ghosts, meaning they had names or addresses that failed to match any listing on the city's database of restaurant inspection grades.

Julie Menin, the city's Consumer Affairs Commissioner, said her office has also found ghost restaurants using unregistered names and false addresses. She believes some of the Seamless and GrubHub ads may actually be fronts for unregulated kitchens.


JQ LLC said...

"It's an open secret"

Well, as with airbnb and uber another app-based venture and service is corrupt. Another company that feels no need for regulations that every other business must abide to and doesn't feel the need to vet who's opening accounts with them. And also doesn't need to check if the ones in their employ are even legal citizens and follow basic traffic laws (I see these reckless pricks everyday running lights,cutting off people, and zipping up the sidewalks, some with these illegal motorized bicycles). Another goddamn startup run by stupid fucking kids with the good fortune to get unchecked billions of dollars invested in them. But it's just fine and dandy because it's convenient, user friendly and so high-tech.

As for the aforementioned amount of money these pigs received, because of a thing called collateral consequences, that no enforcement can be done because of what's invested in it, and the overwhelming over-reliant needs of their lazy customers, such as that stupid ignorant anchorwoman.

This in the era of the LLC, no one needs to go through the necessary rigmarole of getting the proper licenses or even identification. Or even where all that invested money comes from. Everything is fine that this disgusting food service now acknowledges that they will cooperate with consumer affairs by putting a byline on the top of their webpage. Although any other flesh and blood establishment would get fined or get shut down.

And be reassured by that douchehag consultant that despite no laws being broken since they do not exist, at least nobody got sick yet or died. Trust but verify she says. Which is the thing our city should have done to permit these mobile app based businesses in the first place.

More reason to get off your ass and go outside for takeout. Or at least order over the phone for real human interaction, even if the english is bad.

Anonymous said...

I don't see what the problem is. If they said it was from restaurant A and it wasn't that's a problem. If you pick a restaurant that you never heard of, that really isn't a restaurant, or doing business under a different name, then caveat emptor.

Anonymous said...

Illegal businesses staffed by illegal immigrants and doubtfully paying business tax as well as sales tax that they collect. Anyone arrested? Ha.

(sarc) said...

I eat food from an unregulated kitchen every night - MINE - the one in my house!

How many cases of food poisoning happen in the Government sanctioned, inspected, regulated "A" graded kitchen?
Happens all the time.

Never had that problem in my house.

And I have studied for the food handlers' license.

Do you look for a Government inspection report when you are invited to a friend for Thanksgiving?

I am sure we have all been in homes that would get an "F minus".
Did you call the Department of Health, or child services?
I don't think so.

You people have become so dependent upon the Government telling them what they can and cannot do, what is good and what is not.
Common sense is DEAD.

The Government would never lie to you. And "you can keep you insurance plan if you like it"...

Anonymous said...

I don't see what the problem is. If they said it was from restaurant A and it wasn't that's a problem. If you pick a restaurant that you never heard of, that really isn't a restaurant, or doing business under a different name, then caveat emptor

The restaurants are posting fake addresses. Some have no business licenses. The public has a reasonable expectation that any place billing itself as a food establishment has gone through the regulatory process. Casting yourself as a commercial entity which you aren't has a term in law: fraud.

Anonymous said...

To (sarc)

"SARCOLOGY" Learn it, Live by it.

Anonymous said...

3 kids with a lemonade stand stand would attract more scrutiny from NYC than these online businesses. No license, no permits, no taxes, and no worries about health care for your employees. This is the land of opportunity.

Anonymous said...

This is no longer the land of opportunity!

the goon squad shuts down famous charitable endeavor

How Many Government Employees Are There?

These numbers are from 2008 data. The addition and percentages I performed myself:
Number of Full-Time Federal Employees - 2,518,101 Part-Time - 250,785 Full-Time State - 3,818,577 Part-Time - 1,451,002 Full-Time Local - 11,039,250 Part-Time - 3,383,976
TOTAL - 22,461,691
2008 US Population (est) - 304,059,724
% of Gov't employees - 7.38%
Inverse - 13.536

So this means that there's a government employee for every 13.5 people in the country.

They need to be paid and are looking for your money via permits, fines and seizures!

here is the source

Joe said...

I know where my foods cooked RIGHT ON MY KITCHEN STOVE OR BBQ.

After seeing what goes on in restaurant kitchens when I was woking installing cameras I will no longer eat in a restaurant. (aside a fresh slice of pizza on a fresh paper plate, straw and coke)
Every dam time I viewed a health certificate on a wall it was always in the owner or managers name but NEVER one person in the kitchen --and those are the people handling the food, plates and silverware !!
I had friends that owned restaurants in Roslyn and Port Washington. According to them they will ONLY HIRE ILLEGALS because they show up on time, work hard cheap long hours & holidays without complaining !!
They dont give a shit about about TB and other diseases

Anonymous said...

Grocers and supermarkets should get letter grades too

Anonymous said...

A hero sandwich is not authentic Italian unless it has pigeon crap on the bread. That's why they let the pigeons in.