Saturday, November 21, 2015

Homelessness down nationwide, up in NYC

From the NY Times:

The federal government’s annual homelessness count showed an increase in New Yorkers living on the streets or in shelters, even as the number of homeless people nationwide dipped slightly compared with the previous year.

The results of the count, released on Thursday by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, confirmed what many New Yorkers had already recognized, particularly in recent months — that homelessness was rising and that more government action was needed.

New York, with a population of over eight million, has about 14 percent of all homeless people in the United States, or 75,323 people, the count found.


FlooshingRezident said...

Hi Joe -

Did you see this article on AlterNet?

The Housing Crisis Is Insane': 6 Cities Where Homelessness Is Out of Control

Guess which city is #1, and by a long shot!!!

Anonymous said...

They all moved here from other states, that's why!

(sarc) said...

Don't worry, the Syrian refugees are coming.

Everybody gets a bite of the "crap" sandwich...

Snake Plissskin said...

Interesting the parallel today vs 100 years ago.

Immigrants will always be welcome when they can be exploited by both parties, Democrats for votes and political muscle, Republcans for economics and working muscle.

A 100 years ago the Anarchists started blowing up the 1 %. Take a look at the marked facade on 23 Wall Street. When they did that, the costs of having them started to outway the benefits from exploitation.

The door slammed shut.

Is it bad to ban people? You bet, because you are now in a Catch 22 - the more you bear down on them the more they will be resentful.

Solution: get rid of diversity and bring back American chauvinism just like they did in the 20s and 30s.

A few stunts by those jerks and you will see the door slammed shut and multiculturalism as relevant as 8 track tapes and the Nehru jacket.

Its a brave new world, folks.

Anonymous said...

Of course....sanctuary city....a magnet for crap.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they been eating the geese, too

Anonymous said...

the scam is to put yourself down as homeless to get put first on the wait lists for subsidized housing and don't forget the monthly housing vouchers that pay 70% of a monthly rent. Somehow white citizens can't get those vouchers.