Friday, November 13, 2015

Dangerous conditions existed inside the Glendale yeshiva

From the Queens Chronicle:

The 392 beds normally occupied by students attending the United Talmudical Seminary at 74-10 88 St. in Glendale should be empty this week after the Department of Buildings took action against the school for illegally providing them in the first place.

After a recent city inspection of the site discovered various safety hazards such as disabled sprinklers and obstructed exits, the DOB originally placed a full vacate order on the property on Friday before reverting it to a partial vacate order, allowing for the school’s classrooms and cafeteria to be used.

“We discovered the presence of 392 beds on site with little or no required life-safety protections, including sprinkler systems that had been disabled or covered over, obstructed building exits and significant alterations to the building that had been performed without permits,” DOB Commissioner Rick Chandler said in a statement issued Monday. “To protect the property’s occupants, the department took immediate action to vacate the premises last week.”


Anonymous said...

"The DOB added that it originally approved the site’s certificate of occupancy in error in 2008."

End of story. I think not. INVESTIGATION NEEDED! The authorities need to find out exactly how the "error" came about. Error: An act or condition of ignorant or imprudent deviation from a code of behavior.

Error after error after error. We are living with far too many of the DOB's errors. Accountability is needed.

Errors such as this can claim lives! In this particular instance, perhaps many young lives.

Does the NYC DOB do anything right? The NYC DOB Inspector General and the NYC DOI need to investigate exactly, through what channels, the Site's C of O was issued. Not a simple error. Individuals in-house at the DOB who "made the error" need to be investigated.

(sarc) said...

Just what we need, all the makings of the Happyland Fire.

Blocked exits, no sprinklers, excessive occupation, etc.

All the makings of a horrific tragedy.

All of these violations of safety were of their own accord in direct opposition to the required building codes.

Praise Yaweh that the DOB stopped this in time!!!

Anonymous said...

Especially dangerous conditions for young boys.

Anonymous said...

gee just like most of the "one-family homes" in Queens

Marshall Applewhite said...

Reminds me of the Heaven's Gate UFO Cult:

Anonymous said...

Wow,and they talk about living conditions at the Pan Am shelter...HA!

Joe said...

Those Jews are going to be real mad, honestly Id rather have these Hasidics then your emm .."regular" Jews, homeless, Sec 8 or Bukharians because Hasidics keep to themselves, believe in the 2nd amendment and dont look to "improve" or knock down fine old buildings.
I wonder who's getting the sprinkler & plumbing contract. I remember this crap in the 80s when the city's crooks were hustling all the bars on Bell Blvd over sprinkler's and installer to use (in order to insure a trouble free inspection pass). We had some Hasids on the block when I was a kid around 8 or so on Dekalb ave, never a problem. When "inner city urban youth of color" from the Sec 8 apt building on Central ave tried to steal my bicycle from me these guys blew a whistle and literally 10 or so come flying out the windows, over the trashcans & gates with sticks & bats and gave them a very bloody lesson. Then uncle Vito and his friends gave them another lesson as they staggered home. Like uncle Vito and uncle Joe always said, dont judge by looks because you will need guys like this (with balls) around whenever the shit hits the fan. -- and that wont be long

Anonymous said...

sounds like someone left a brown paper bag full of $ for the
DOB. I wonder if the same happened at the Pan Am, where a Letter of No Objection was issued dispute the site having multiple safety violations and Active work without permit violations.

Anonymous said...

There's another one of these in Forest Hills on 69 Av near Nansen street. It's a small dilapidated old building but a number of Hassidum youth live in it. Should be investigated.