Wednesday, November 18, 2015

DOI arrests inspector for filing false report

From PIX11:

A city building engineer was charged with deeming a West End Avenue building façade safe -- where a 2-year-old girl was fatally struck by falling bricks in May 2015.

Officials with the Department of Investigation say Maqsoon Faruqi, 55, of Jackson, N.J., falsely filing a façade inspection report of a West End Avenue apartment when he had actually never visited the building.

The 2-year-old girl, Greta Greene, died after being struck in the head by chunks of brick that fell from the eighth floor of a luxury nursing home -- The Esplanade -- as she sat with her grandmother on a bench outside.

The grandmother, Susan Frierson, 60, suffered leg injuries.

The New York City Department of Buildings immediately hit the owners of The Esplanade with two complaints -- after the incident -- for failing “to maintain the property in a safe and code-compliant manner.”

The owners did file a façade inspection report, as required by law, with the Department of Buildings in 2011. At the time, Faruqi, who conducted the inspection, pronounced the conditions safe.

Faruqi filed his inspection report stating that he directly supervised the inspection and reviewed the proper documents to assess the façade’s structural integrity, writing, “All conditions identified in previous reports as requiring repairs have been corrected.”

The DOI later discovered that Faruqi never visited the site nor had he seen The Esplanade's maintenance records or inspection reports.


Anonymous said...

Typical City/State/Government worker. Sitting on their asses and collecting a paycheck and doing no work.

This one resulted in the death of a child. Others in people killed by crane collapses, hit in the head by flying debris from a construction site, dying in a house fire unable to get out because of illegal conversions ignored.

When is enough going to be enough?

Throw out all of these bastards, kill their pensions, stop the graft, and make all of the violations accessible to the public. Hold people accountable.

I know, a fairy tale in a city run by the Democrat machine. It would be the same in a Republican city.

Put the spotlight on the builders/developers/donors. Make them responsible.

Also a pipe dream.

The solution: probably move out of the city. Leave NY.

Start a blog: Smalltown USA Crap.

Living the dream.

Anonymous said...

Civil lawsuit time. Sue the bastard to hell!
Being lazy or crooked is a prerequisite for working at the DOB.
That department needs a good strong enema to flush out all of the no-goods.
Hmmmm...will there be anybody left afterwards?

Anonymous said...

Another foreigner working in a city agency....

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

That's exactly what our Neo-Fascist, Neo-Bolshevist Albany-and-City-Hall failed leadership invites and welcomes, Anonymous---a mass exodus of the remnants of the generational rank and file, long term, born and raised residents, so that they can pack more fearful, paralyzed (by government), dumb ass and depraved immigrants themselves (who can't even conjugate a verb, much less speak any pretense of discernible English), into this filthy, corrupt, padded cell, raw sewage plant of an urban nightmare, where all of the grinding corruption, graft, greed, cronyism, nepotism, kickbacks, payoffs and cover-ups are firmly entrenched at the top levels of city and state government, which is now tantamount to government tyranny itself!

And, now my trusty police sources tell me that there is a massive work 'slowdown' by all active duty police, where some won't even show up at all when emergency services are urgently required!

And, that's on top of the systemic failure that Governor Cuomo's Albany now completely epitomizes, with impunity!

There is no escape other than relocation, Anonymous, where the whole corrupt system of New York government now devalues all honesty itself!

(sarc) said...

As I have said on numerous occasions, people are fleeing like rats from a sinking ship.

"New York’s imminent fall from third to fourth most populous state can be attributed mainly to its heavy loss of residents to the rest of the country—a trend persisting in this decade, according to Census Bureau data released..."

Anonymous said...

nothing happens unless a kid dies

Anonymous said...

The people, electeds and civics of NYC must come together and begin a class action lawsuit against the DOB. The DOB is responsible for ruining neighborhoods and quality of life.

Anonymous said...

@Richard Iritano

Makes sense.
1-2% pay increase for the police officers?

They are really f..ed up even to suggest something like this.

Anonymous said...

You would think that with all the arrests in the past year that these people would do there dam jobs we are paying them to do.

(sarc) said...



They are at the top of this mess!

Can you say tar and feather???

Camel bladder said...

Hold on here folks, my understanding is that this guy is not a City employee. He his a private PE that was hired by the building to perform the Local Law required facade inspection. Weather or not he properly performed remains to be seen. HOWEVER there seems to be a good deal of blame for the ever incompetent DOB. Apparently 7 months before the tragic accident another PE was performing the Local Law inspection on the building next door and noticed severely defective facade masonry on this building. He reported it to DOB and they never followed up on it. THERE IS YOUR TYPICAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE FUCK UP. And here is what may be an example of government trying to throw someone under the bus to cover their asses. Just think about this, this guy performed the LL inspection in 2011. The little girl was killed in 2015, 4 years later and the DOI is sure that the PE is at fault, not the DOB that was informed of a deadly problem 7 months before. In my business I deal with the DOB on a daily basis and I'm telling you this is how they operate.

Anonymous said...

Is he even a U.S. Citizen? My how fast they learn.

Anonymous said...

If this happened anywhere but Manhattan no one would be investigating.

Anonymous said... The facade was to have been inspected every five years. Is DOB paying attention?? The report made to DOB seven months before is critical.

The engineering company claiming that there is nothing illegal in what the engineer did ... isn't it called fraud?