Sunday, November 29, 2015

Murdered developer's project vacated by DOB

From PIX11:

It's a high-rent building that was constructed by a developer who was murdered last year. Now, the building he built has suddenly been condemned, just in time for the holiday season. The ordeal has left dozens of residents without homes in the latest chapter in a story with many twists and turns.


Anonymous said...

It's also an air bnb. See the DOB complaint on 05/23/2015:

(sarc) said...

Dead men tell no lies...

JQ LLC said...

Usually one is emphatic to those who have their home or belongings stolen from them but the schadenfreude is too strong in this story.

I don't know what's the funniest (and put aside James Ford's delivery) and told you so thing about this story. The dumb hipster bimbo befuddled by the existence of engineers and expediters and the amount she and her roomie paid and the amount of space they used, the guy with the face pubes, or the balconies that even pigeons would find undignified to shit from, and the continued wanton criminal activity and inevitable claims of plausible deniability of airbnb. But all them will definitely survive.

Clearly this is one of the buildings that were approved by the DOB when the hundreds of inspectors were yet to be arrested and indicted. And the shoddy construction and materials a result of that hasidic asshole cutting back and embezzling money from the project and contractors which probably led to his kidnapping and murder.

From the looks of this dump it was once a warehouse. If anything this could have been a school, or a parking garage. But the market for dimwitted image and status conscious hipsters enamored with the goddamn brooklyn brand and unsatiatable avarice of developers, investors and landlords are just too overwhelming to resist.

It's too bad for that woman and her business though. Although she should have done a little digging and research before opening up there.

Anonymous said...

I smell a movie. Greed, government corruption, murder all set in ultra- hip Brooklyn. It could be shot at Broadway Stages. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Shows that Queens doesn't have the corner on stupidity, tho like the Steinway Mansion when we do its a doozy. Speaking, which heard the Hasids were interested in.

Anonymous said...

From what many of the construction workers say, the buildings going up in LIC have similar problems - you often get this with illegal labor that know 3rd world construction techniques.

It gets worse folks, cause the Queens art scene is now pushing 3rd world photographers to start pumping for the 3rd world construction in the boro (as for example some the crap you see in Flushing, Corona or Astoria) trying to give it the same spin they accomplished for 3rd world food.

The only good thing is the hipster jerks like that $5500 a month moron soak it up. Consumers without brains. Perfect for the sys-tem.

Anonymous said...

Crap is not unique to Queens or Brooklyn, I have a friend who is a construction estimator in Manhattan who complaint is every job must have the cheapest of material and labor. Is this good business or just putting up crap? I think crap wins.

Anonymous said...

two people in a four bedroom for "5,5000ish...yeah its 5,500". interesting.

Anonymous said...

I had sympathy for these people until I saw the story.

$5500/mo. 2 roommates, 4 bedrooms? That is a airbnb business.

No warning to the company (possibly)? This smells of a company that didn't heed the warnings to get the tenants out so they can fix it and rent/sell it for more.

They mention the guy who owned it and his murder. Do they not have a 'reporter' who could track down who owns it now?

Sloppy journalism and crooked dealings.

Anonymous said...

Sloppy journalism and crooked dealings.

You can say that about any effort by NYC media to discuss local real estate and politics. They should have a disclaimer in every edition that they depend on real estate ads for revenue.