Monday, November 30, 2015

Last Thanksgiving's exploded house still not repaired

From the Queens Chronicle:

Almost a year after an explosion blew a gaping hole in the rear of a house in South Ozone Park last Thanksgiving, a full-vacate order is still placed on it and there have been complaints of illegal construction going on there, according to city Department of Buildings records.

The house, located at 107-55 108 St., was the scene of an explosion due to the misuse of a stove in an “illegally renovated setback apartment,” FDNY officials told the Queens Chronicle last December.

A full-vacate order was immediately placed on the property by the DOB, due to the structural stability being affected, which at press time on Nov. 24 was still effective.

A Chronicle reporter saw last Friday that the hole in the back of the house had been fixed, though any work done to the house may not have been done lawfully.

There have been two complaints of illegal construction on the house, city records state, the first of which stated there was no building permit posted on March 17.


Anonymous said...

So this place had to blow up before a vacate order was placed on it, yet the apartment building in Brooklyn had a vacate order the day before Thanksgiving without any apparent problem?

Couldn't they have stayed a few days while the engineers did their evaluation?

I think the owners of the apartment building called in the problem on themselves to clear the building so they can 'fix' it and resell the apartments in the luxury price range.

(sarc) said...

Illegal work causing explosion, that means NO insurance money.

I would keep my eyes open for a good deal on a short sale...