Friday, November 6, 2015

Japanese house in Kew Gardens hit with SWO

From the Queens Chronicle:

The historic three-story Anglo-Japanese home that’s been crumbling for years due to neglect at 84-62 Beverly Road in Kew Gardens just became one pricey fixer-upper.

According to city records, the house was sold by Mun Chang, who first bought the home in 1973, to Beverly Kew Gardens LLC for $990,000 on Sept. 10, with the document being registered last Friday.

But a day before the registration, the home, which had been previously sealed with concrete and its windows boarded up, was hit with a full stop-work order by the Department of Buildings for work without a permit.

The next afternoon, the DOB issued a violation for continuing work in the face of the order, which carries with it a $5,000 fine.

Documents relating to the type of construction planned for the site had yet to be posted to the DOB website as of Wednesday afternoon, but the agency inspector who caught the stop-work order being ignored noted in issuing the violation that demolition appeared to be taking place and that five workers were seen inside when the official arrived.


(sarc) said...

Postponing the inevitable...

Anonymous said...

5 Gs? A mere cost of doing business!
Millions are to be made here. A drop in the bucket....a trifle.

Gary W said...

Ok excuse the laziness but what is the best way to find the plans when they finally post them?

Anonymous said...

That depends if they file them promptly, or file them through an "expeditor" where they can be 'lost' or 'in transit' for months and months.