Sunday, November 15, 2015

Vicki Been suggests you stop resisting development

From the Observer:

A top de Blasio housing wonk warned critics of the mayor’s ambitious affordable housing plan that the dream of stopping new construction altogether is hopeless and that only building apartments for the poorest New Yorkers is economically unfeasible.

“We have to shape development rather than just react to it. And too much of the discourse is about stopping development,” said Vicki Been, the commissioner of the Department of Housing Preservation and Development. “You don’t stop development in a city like New York. So our approach is, let’s work to shape it, to serve the interests of the neighborhoods across the city.”

With Mayor Bill de Blasio’s vision to build and preserve 200,000 units of affordable housing encountering increasing criticism from some corners that it is insufficient, and might even accelerate gentrification in the outer boroughs, Ms. Been took the podium at New York Law School this morning to explain and defend the plan. Ms. Been argued that the city could use a toolkit of zoning, tax abatements and public financing to encourage the private market to accommodate more low-income people—but said efforts to stop the city’s shifting real estate landscape are futile.


Anonymous said...

Make it a requirement that developers must provide a green space or park for every large structure they build.

JQ LLC said...

Fine Vicki, I will stop resisting when the Area median income rates go down where these towers are being built, coincidentally in areas where property values are over-estimated. Other than that, the people that these apartments are meant for don't stand a chance.

Anonymous said...

Vicki says, “We have to shape development rather than just react to it. And too much of the discourse is about stopping development...”

I'm SURE she means that we have to provide the adequate infrastructure FIRST before developing sites to have a higher density, right?

I'm SURE she means that we have to upgrade electrical, sewers, mass transit options, school size, etc., etc,., etc. BEFORE we develop at a higher density, right?

That IS what she means about "shaping development", right?

Anonymous said...

Vicky has been. Brain dead.

Anonymous said...

Resistance is futile the collective is everything uneducated need not think but trust we in power know what's best for you,your rations will be fair
Dissent will be dealt with harshly yet lovingly.

Camel bladder said...

These people are the smartest humans in any room they grace with their presence and you sheep must stop resisting your glorious leaders. Now go watch your sporting events and celebrity gossip shows and super hero movies in HD and shut the fuck up. This is going to become a completely gid locked, severely over crowded shit hole of a city and you will accept it.

Joe said...

"deBlasio's vision" for 200,000 affordable units

The mayor is without question delusional stoned and dreaming--and so is this woman.
If Roosevelt Islands (pop 9,520 is atop .23 square mile). If my math is correct 200,000 units is over 20 Roosevelt Islands. It would be impossible without taking perhaps seizing EVERY BASEMENT or take a huge swath of land size of Maspeth (approx 13,000 acres) via imminent domain and covering it with 6 story towers.
And where will 200,000 additional people work, pay OUTRAGEOUS health insurance and tax with so many people screwed up the wazoo now ?
Put down the pot, ludes & magic mushrooms Mr.Mayor you have taken enough of it

Brian F. Will said...

Love these comments. So true.

Anonymous said...

Fuck this idiot.

Joe said...

Upgrading the already over capacity electrical, sewers, mass transit, schools etc to accommodate over 200,000 more people would take 30-50 year with Edison, Einstein and Harry Houdini at the helm.

With these f-cking imbeciles, dopers and jokers Forgetaboutit !!!!

Anonymous said...

Let the market build whatever it wants within zoning. No variances, no subsidies. A free economy.

Anonymous said...

It's great when one pushes for more people being crammed into already crowded neighborhoods with overly crowded public schools while one lives on the ultra protected Upper West Side and one's kids attend exclusive private schools. It's just great.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to nyc, if you dont earn at least 90k, there is nothing affordable ......

Man With No Name said...

Once again everyone in Manhattan is in an uproar over the mayor's effort to negate all the hard of work many just a few short years ago for 'downzoning.'

Many of us thought it was bullshit then (remember downzone a community from 6 stories to 4, then tear town a 2 story building and replace it with 5 story structure under a variance?) but it was nice to let everyone bask in their delusions that they accomplished something.

We knew that they actually did nothing enduring. But we also all know that if you kick the Queens electorate too often they will turn against you for disturbing their torpor.

Now lets return to the real world outside the Hermit Kingdom. The real NYC across the river. The fun thing is to actually see how the Manhattan politicians pledge to fight the things this woman is saying. How novel to hear a politician say sensible things on development!

But they can play to their audience secure in the knowledge that these plans will all come to pass.

Why? Because in Queens, not only is the press silent on this struggle (as they intone article after article on how wonderful it is to have block busting development to clueless seniors and hipsters alike) but the civic culture is so weak here that our politicians know they will face no repercussions to support this.

They will be the block on city council to get this zoning passed!

Why? They are secure in the belief by the local losers that you cannot do anything to fight the politicians.

Overdevelopment in NYC is directly a legacy of the Queens voter to the rest of the city.

Anonymous said...

And which developer's dick did she suck to get her job?

Anonymous said...

City Planners don't want nor plan for families. They want singles and couples (preferably of the same sex). This demographic brings in more money and less of a demand on services, i.e. schools.

(sarc) said...

"Mayor Bill de Blasio’s vision to build and preserve 200,000 units of affordable housing..."

200,000 units of affordable housing.

200,000 Syrian "refugees" Obama wants to bring to the USA.



Anonymous said...

Joe said...
If my math is correct 200,000 units is over 20 Roosevelt Islands.

not exactly we have to get terminology defined
units vs people
i figure average 3 people per unit (and that's a guess)
so multiply by 3
i guess 60 Roosevelt Islands.

another way to look at it

per the NYC Department of City Planning
"over 27,000 people per square mile"

according to my math we would need 7-1/2 SQUARE MILES to build for 200,000 people
multiply by 3
that's 23 SQUARE MILES

more facts:

* With a July 2013 population of 8,405,837, New York is the most populous city in the United States, more than twice the size of the second largest city, Los Angeles.
* About 1 in every 38 people living in the United States resides in New York City. 
* New York has the highest population density of any major city in the United States, with over 27,000 people per square mile. 
* Over 3 million of New York City’s residents are foreign-born; over one-quarter arrived in 2000 or later.
* Nearly 2 million New Yorkers are under the age of 18.
* New York City has more people than 40 of the 50 U.S. states.
* New York City comprises over two-fifths of New York State’s entire population.
* New York City has grown by over 1 million people since 1990.
* The 2012 median age in New York City was 35.6 years, almost two years lower than the national median.
* Over one-third of the population 25 and over in New York City has a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared to 29 percent nationally.
* There are nearly 400,000 more women than men in New York.
* There is a birth in New York City every 4.4 minutes.
* There is a death in New York City every 9.1 minutes.
* Although New York City still receives a substantial number of in-migrants, there is a net loss of one migrant every 26.5 minutes.
* The borough of Brooklyn on its own would be the 4th largest city in the United States.  Queens would also rank 4th nationally.
* Approximately two-thirds of dwellings in New York are renter-occupied, over twice the national average.
* The average commute for New Yorkers is just under 40 minutes, about 15 minutes longer than the national average.
* New York City has the largest Chinese population of any city outside of Asia.
* More persons of West Indian ancestry live in New York City than any city outside of the West Indies.
* New York has the largest Puerto Rican population of any city in the world.
* More Dominicans live in New York than any other city in the world barring Santo Domingo.
* Over 2.4 million Hispanics reside in New York City, more than any other city in the United States. Were New York Hispanics a city unto themselves, they would rank 4th nationwide.
* The Black nonhispanic population of New York City numbered 1.89 million in 2012, more than double the count in any other U.S. city. Were this group a city in its own right it would rank 5th nationally.
* Half of all New Yorkers speak a language other than English at home.
* An estimated 200 languages are spoken in New York City.

i am so proud of our diversity

Here are some interesting facts about the New York City population:

Anonymous said...

So the mayors "proposed" 200,000 units means over 600,000 MORE people (likely future sec 8 lifers of color) who will without question be shoved in Queens.
This math "60 Roosevelt Islands on 23 SQUARE MILES no doubt looks 100% correct

I thought things were real bad but now I'm gonna be sick.

Anonymous said...

Wow, all this math is sooo impressive. You guys doing a term paper for school?

How about the number 14:


Costa Constantinides 22 Queens Democrat

Elizabeth Crowley 30 Queens Democrat

Daniel Dromm 25 Queens Democrat

Julissa Ferreras 21 Queens Democrat

Rory Lancman 24 Queens Democrat

Karen Koslowitz 29 Queens Democrat

Peter Koo 20 Queens Democrat

I. Daneek Miller 27 Queens Democrat

Donovan Richards 31 Queens Democrat

Eric Ulrich 32 Queens Republican

Paul Vallone 19 Queens Democrat

Jimmy Van Bramer 26 Queens Democrat

Barry Grodenchek 23 Queens Democrat

Ruben Wills 28 Queens Democrat

Anonymous said...

huh and what the hell will all this math do so solve their problem.

makes them feel like they are doing something tho.

Anonymous said...

And which developer's dick did she suck to get her job?

Funny how you always see something stupid like this after a tirade against the politicians. Funny, eh?

Anonymous said...

Good question, do we have the foggiest notion on what our precious little elected council people feel about this?

In a borough of nearly 3 million people did anyone even THINK to ask them?

Or are you all too afraid?

Anonymous said...

and i told mom why do i have to learn this crap
i will never use it after i get outa school

Anonymous said...

another pasty androgynous something something from the DeBlasio clique

Anonymous said...

>Funny how you always see something stupid like this after a tirade against the politicians. Funny, eh?

There's never been any shortage of trolls, assholes, and idiots in the peanut gallery. The internet has just made them more ubiquitous.

Then idiots on the other side get all angry at what they said while ignoring the issue that led them to say it. Opportunist jump on it as a convenient distraction.

Repeat ad nauseam until everyone's forgotten the real issue.