Friday, July 10, 2015

NY in poor financial shape

From the Daily News:

New York ranks as one of the least fiscally sound states in the nation — but at least we’re not Illinois.

The Empire State ranked 46th among the states for its overall fiscal health, according to a study by George Mason University’s Mercatus Center.

“With barely sufficient cash to cover short-term spending, New York’s fiscal position showed several areas of stress,” wrote study author Eileen Norcross.

Only Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Illinois ranked lower.

Norcross cited New York’s unfunded pension liability of $30.8 billion and more than $57 billion in total debt as reasons for the state’s poor showing.


Anonymous said...

You know what that means? Property taxes will likely skyrocket, nyc tax on your paycheck will rise and government jobs will soon be cut. All of this will lead to more money for the greedy politicians and still will leave nyc in a financial crisis. The politicians are lining their pockets with cash while working class citizens suffer the worst.

Anonymous said...

Come to Queens - there are clearly TOO MANY PEOPLE here! And they have TOO MANY CHILDREN!!!

Why does everyone have to support all of these anchor babies?

Check out Corona or Elmhurst any night of the week - the most hopping businesses will be the 24-hour laundromats! They're filled with babies that already have had 3 or 4 babies! At MIDNIGHT they're still there - WITH THEIR CHILDREN!!!

Perhaps welfare should be cut off x # of children. It's totally out of control. Too few hospitals, too few apartments, too few classroom and subway seats. TOO MANY PEOPLE!!!

It's clear there's been a massive white flight from this borough - how are you going to get taxes from people that are masters at gaming the system?

Just check out any supermarket in Flooshing - it's all food stamps and mercedes.

Anonymous said...

All blue states. What a surprise.

Anonymous said...

White flight started in the 1970s when 75% of Queens was white. Today only 20% remains white. Blame your liberal politicians who could care less about you unless you are foreign born.

Anonymous said...

But we're so much better off that Cuomo left Albany for 4 weeks to personally direct the hunt for the prison escapees. He's my hero! Such a manly man.

Richard Iritano said...

Let's see what a 'Manly Man' the traveling, always hustling, Governor Cuomo will be when he is remanded to Federal or State lock down, especially after an accidental dropping of the soap in the community shower!

He may be the last of the three, corrupt 'Albany Kings,' but certainly not the last of any corrupt politicians on the take in New York, by no means (where every day looks like a police blotter in any newspaper of choice)!

Calling Preet Bharara---New York is patiently waiting for justice to finally prevail! Although, political justice itself in this ravaged and tonsured state is an oxymoron, like nothing else!

Anonymous said...

Cut off All the pensions of the white middle class public sevents who did 30 years of service and you can drown the entitlement class in money for votes,
You know that's what their planning.

Anonymous said...

Cut out this nonsense of NYC being a "sanctuary city" - in other words, being fully complicit with aiding and abetting felons who have broken the laws of this sovereign nation by illegally entering the country. It doesn't come to mind at the moment, but I'm sure we have had, or will soon have, a San Francisco shooting murder incident. Furthermore, these illegals sneak in here (or are actually IMPORTED by Odungo), bringing not skills or money but vast money-sucking problems---diseases we never had in the U.S., illiteracy requiring remedial $$ training, criminal records, and endless fecundity pumping out those anchor babies. THAT anchor baby baloney should be immediately outlawed, which would take away a large incentive for these lice to come here. So we expend huge amounts of money collected from CITIZENS to house, feed, educate, administer medical care to, etc. people who don't belong here in the first place. There's a lot of our money going right down the tubes right there.

Also, we need a close investigation of contracts given to various construction companies. Has anyone EVER seen the Van Wyck without some sort of construction going on? I had to travel for several consecutive days on the Van Wyck last week, on fair-weather days, and there were absolutely NO men working on the enormous project going on from Jewel Avenue to Jamaica Blvd. None. And, I witnessed some construction guys "repairing' a huge sinkhole on Jewel Avenue. The very next day, it had caved in to almost its original depth, a testament to shoddy work. How many hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted by crooks like this winning city/state construction projects?