Sunday, July 12, 2015

What will Bill do at Flushing-Meadows?

From the NY Times:

The court’s decision brings a halt — at least temporarily — to what has seemed like the relentless commercial appropriation of public land in New York City, often under the rationale that private profit is the only way the people can have nice things.

It also puts Mayor Bill de Blasio in a tough spot.

Will Mr. de Blasio join the developers’ intended appeal and ally himself publicly with a Bloomberg administration initiative that has been deemed an illegal giveaway of parkland?

Or will he disavow the mall, even though supporters say it is financially critical to the overall rebirth of the Willets Point neighborhood, including the possible construction of 875 units of affordable housing?


Anonymous said...

The mall is financially critical to the developer who builds it.
Whereas parkland is critical to a neighborhood which uses it.
We have been maled to death. A lot of malls that were built are experiencing problems
that they were built to to solve.
Mayor Bill will approve the mall. The Willets Point renewal is part of NYC's social engineering initiative.
What is that? Almost ALL of the renewal projects are designed to displace minorities of color in order to free up
valuable real estate which they have held for years.
In Corona the "troublesome" Latino population must be moved out. NYC is running out of prime real estate to develop .
Move out the lower classes and import the yuppies of all nationalities.
Chinese are already buying up swathes of Corona and renting to Latinos.
The purpose of Willets Point redevelopment is to clean up the surrounding area so that Flushing's population can expand into Flushing West.
That's what the little men behind the curtain of city planning have been plotting for decades. Does this real truth sound far fetched? Only to those who do not know how to read between De Blasio and company's lines.
Just because big Bill has a "Black" wife does not mean that he will sell out her people. He already has. Par for the course with any politician.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the FBI will continue its probe into CB7 and check out the notoriously arrogant Chuck Apelian's role in the Willets Point mall project.

JQ said...

Mayor Big Slow/Pussy De Big Assio (good one Richard) is a tool for corporate real estate and venture capital firms. He will rubber stamp this, for it is necessary for his specious plan to provide affordable housing for the working poor and denigrated middle class, for the only way people can get a decent apt is to aid all the creative transients with luxury ones first.

And the media, in this case the times, thinks that there is some rivalry between Big slow and the former fun size mayor they better rake the muck a little harder. These two are strange bedfellows when it comes to city planning,politics and news media control and manipulation. Their feuds have less credibility than what the WWE cooks up on smackdown and raw.

Anonymous said...

My apologies if this issue has been discussed before....

I know the old "Iron Triangle" from years of having to buy new side mirrors because the local gangs ripped them off my car. It's no secret that even after you tear all the shacks and quanset huts down, the ground is still a toxic mess.

If we return this to open parkland - which I agree we desperately need - who is going to pay to clean it up??? That place is WAY too toxic to simply plant some grass over the mess and stick a Parks Department sign on it.

Queens Crapper said...

The site isn't at Willets Point, it's inside Flushing Meadows.

Anonymous said...

Make it housing. Call it Stinking Sewage Gardens! Really, who would go there with the stink?

Anonymous said...

Too nany people in this city! No more new construction!! The infrastructure cant handle it!!!

LibertyBoyNYC said...

Put in a casino already! Gambling on swamp land would be the perfect fit. Let the usurpers and the grifters swoop in already.