Sunday, July 19, 2015

Fun articles about the Rockaways

Both the Rockaway Times and AM-NY have interesting articles about the history of Rockaway this week. Well worth a poolside read.

(But don't read this one or you'll vomit.)


JQ said...

In order:

AMNY article was pretty amazing and those photos were nice. I recall my first time going to playland, cutting school in the last days in June, taking the C (there's something that I am shocked the MTA has not considered, reviving the service to 116. I thought they were catering to all those dopey hipsters living in west Brooklyn), and being introduced to the Ramones via some punk rocker blasting a dual speaker cassette radio appropriately blasting "Rockaway Beach". Then going on all those rides, thanks to one of my friends stamping the back of my hand for I didn't have money at the time. The atom smasher was pretty shaky at the time as were the other rides which gave it a somewhat extra thrill with the hazardous conditions thanks to age. Glory days.

The rock times was pretty boss too, with the exception of describing one area with million dollar views which will probably give some greedy realtor a dastardly idea. It's actually a good local paper and I hope they do some serious reporting besides leisure.

And now the times, commence puking...

I haven't read something this condescending in years. Just like their lifestyle articles about Ridgewood and their prior pieces on Brooklyn Goddamn, the supposed liberal paper acts as an unofficial fourth branch of government,conduit and agent for the city planners and oppurtunist promoters as it sets out to tout high end culinary culture bullshit. This proves that these people are not only eating and drinking for the taste and sustenance but mostly for status, which is why Trump overcharges for his landfill golf course, these places and things are for posers. And jesus christ, these people just love to drink and party, as lower manhattan and brooklyn goddamn isn't enough for them, Fun City for Generation Gentrification has to stretch to a place that no one used to find interesting except to those who don't have the yards, rooftops or patios to have picnics and parties on.

And what this "journalist" defines as upscaling of parks is bullshit. Also b.s. is that tax dollars is being spent to enrich these gourmet vendors and wealth esthetics. This article would be somewhat credible if there were quotes on the so-called congregations of blacks and latinos behind the boardwalk, and what there were no comments by the people they photographed? Another insult is that She describes and devalues the grilling lawn as some isolated hidden spot when it's the first thing you see when you drive to the parking lot. I guess you can call that area where the other beach-goers lives or how the other half grills.

And yes segregation is a dirty word indeed, other filthy words are wealth esthetics,upscale, and brooklyn night bazaar, an organization/business/possibly LLC that would not exist if the city wasn't stupid enough to pursue to attract frivolous spending young alcoholics.

This is all I can purge at the moment.

Anonymous said...

I was in Breezy Point and visited Rockaway this weekend. I feel sick, it looks like a set from that movie "Run From New York" with Kurt Russel. All we needed was Nova, Charlton Heston & Dr.Zaius to come down the beach on a horses

"Purge" YUP thats the word !!

Anonymous said...

I went to the beach by Jacob Riis Park just yesterday, and it was lovely - except for the costs at the concession stands.

Has it always been that expensive? Are my memories of affordable beach eats in Queens just nostalgic memories for a childhood not that long past, but that feels like a lifetime ago, in the ancient pre-hipster era?