Saturday, July 18, 2015

Queens properties to get LPC hearing

From the Times Ledger:

Preservationists were outraged in December when the Pepsi-Cola sign in Long Island City and seven other historic sites across the borough were put in jeopardy after the chairwoman of the Landmarks Preservation Committee proposed to remove them from consideration for protection. The blowback was so fierce that Chairwoman Meenakshi Srinivasan reversed course less than a week later and decided not to “de-calendar” them and to consider a new plan to deal with a backlog of nearly a hundred buildings and sites citywide.

The LPC announced last week that its Backlog Initiative would begin addressing the properties with a public comment period and then a special hearing on the 95 properties that were placed on the commission’s calendar decades ago.

Each property, including the Douglaston Historic District, the Old Calvary Gatehouse in Sunnyside, the Bowne Street Community Church in Flushing, the Spanish Towers and the Fairway Apartments in Jackson Heights, the First Reformed Church and Sunday School of College Point and the Ahles House in Bayside will each get a months-long process of public review and hearings.

Throughout the period the public is welcome to submit written statements to Those statements will be entered into the record and be distributed to the LPC commissioners.

All Queens properties will be addressed at a public hearing on Oct. 8. Speakers will be allowed to testify for three minutes and can register by e-mail at

The LPC will vote for or against designation of each property in 2016. The commission can also choose to issue a “no-action letter” for some items, which would remove them from consideration but would not disqualify them from landmark designation in the future.


Anonymous said...

Maybe GAHS could send a rep to complain about Steinway's crappy treatment.
QHS is also invited to support them. Yawn...these no-shows won't take a stand on Steinway.
But they're great at making reasonable sounding excuses.
"Legally, there's nothing we can do".
Sit back, maintain your archives...LOL...and continue the perennial practice of begging for funding.

Anonymous said...

Will our burro historian Dr. Jack Eichenbaum be attending?
Why should he?
He is on public record about his belief that landmarking is not always the best route to take in saving a site.
He is tailor made for his job. Borough hall facilitates overdevelopment and our borough historian
remains quiet lest he lose his "exalted" position.
Dr, Jack-off needs to be replaced. He has described himself as an urban geographer.
He is certainly no real historian. There have been many errors displayed by this aged nincompoop
regarding historical accuracy.

Anonymous said...

call the vallone's those people are jokes also --