Monday, July 13, 2015

Trucks, trucks and more trucks

From Cleanup Jamaica Queens:

Yep, you get tired of reading this and I get tired of writing this, but you know what I get tired of most, listening to this bullshit, because it is still going on 24/7, Monday through Sunday, at all hours, mornings, of course, being the worst. Plus the bullshit of doing little to take care of this from the powers to be.

But none of you elected officials, people from Queens Borough Hall, Department of Transportation have to deal with this on your residential streets and I am sure if you did, it would stop immediately. I mean I have been documenting this for almost a year now, with photos, videos, times, dates, locations, even in some case, the trucking companies, addresses and phone numbers, which by the way several of these same day in same day out trucks tend to be local, Royal Waste, Liberty Cement, the dump trucks, etc that you see each and every day and around the same times over and over again. Sure they are showing disrespect for the communities they do business in, but the most disrespect is from the powers to be that continually allow this illegal and poor quality of life issue to go on each and every day and our local officials who are not standing up for what is right for the community, just not on this street but other residential streets in this community that our dealing with the same issue.

As one person stated on another site, “Alas, in Queens County alone, corruption, graft, greed, dysfunction and dereliction of public duty have just been redefined, for the highest levels of willful failure, that is now below gutter level!”


Anonymous said...

The problem in Queens is the absolute cluelessness of the residents. Had a conversation with the Occupy people and they are very upset about drone attacks in Pakistan, the Greek debt situation and the stop and frisk of people of color.

Big picture stuff. Important stuff.

Yet when you mention the waste of taxpayer money with things like the Astoria ferry they say 'its a great form of green transportation.'

If Occupy is this clueless, or perhaps the interests of the 'little people' this far beneath their radar, we have our work cut out for us.

But we will do it. Anything that it takes.

Anonymous said...

We need to put more pressure on our local elected officials to do the right thing. Or we must vote the bums out now !
I'm for term limits now because I believe most voters and eligible ones are clueless at the ballot box.