Thursday, July 23, 2015

Public pools have a bunch of health violations

From NBC:

Soaring temperatures and oppressive humidity sent New Yorkers in droves to the nearest swimming pool this week, but with the flood of water-seekers, some may wonder how city pools measure up in terms of safety and sanitation.

The I-Team reviewed records of pool inspections and violations for all New York City Parks and Recreation Pools for 2013 and 2014. The investigation showed dozens of public health violations are issued each year for problems like lack of supervisory staff, overcrowding and, in some cases, failure to operate filtration and disinfection equipment continuously.

For example, the Astoria Pool in Queens had 10 violations in recent years. Five of the violations were considered "critical," including failing to provide a valid pool operator certificate, having inadequate water test kits and improperly operating the flow meter.

One violation involving chlorine levels during use of the pool was listed as a public health hazard.


Anonymous said...

No shit, Sherlock!
Pee in the pool. It's easier that getting out and going to the rest room.

JQ said...

what the hell was going on in that segment? there was glowing praise from a mother with her kids and other women about how clean the pool was and how safe they felt being in it, and then it shows how crystal the water was and had a sufficient amount of lifeguards. The way that reporter was describing the pool I was expecting to see floating algae and feces and stacks of bodies fighting for space.

And have they been to McCarren Pool lately or in the past few years since it re-opened? Talk about a filth pit.

Anonymous said...

Astoria Park Pool is Vallone's personal's clean

Camel bladder said...

I know I can hold my wiz for a long time but most kids don't care to hold theirs. That is why as these public pools become more crowded on hot days the chlorine level needs to spike up. In any event you are swimming in a urinal. And don't get me started about the floating turds. Does any one remember the snickers bar scene in the movie Caddy Shack? What they pull out of the municipal pools are no candy bars. They are the real thing.

Anonymous said...

Everyone pisses in Astoria Pool.