Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Synthetic pot is really bad news

From WPIX:

K2 is just one brand name among many types of synthetic marijuana flooding the marketplace in recent years — on the Internet, in gas stations, and at local delis. It’s packaged as potpourri or incense with warnings that it’s not for human consumption, but teenagers and poor addicts have been abusing it; sometimes, with deadly results.

Fifteen people have died in the United States this year from a bad reaction to synthetic pot with more than 4,300 calls made to poison control centers as of July 6. The reactions can be severe, with some users having psychotic episodes and exhibiting severely violent behavior.

Last year, federal agents raided stores in 29 states that were selling the phony pot, which is actually dried plant material sprayed with cannabinoids. The chemicals used to create the high are usually produced in China.

The feds were especially concerned about something else they found at a store in Birmingham, Ala. In Birmingham, the agents discovered $38 million worth of wire transfers to Yemen.

Yemen is known as a major base for terror training and plotting.

Why was all that money going to Yemen? Is the sale of synthetic marijuana a way to poison American youth—and finance terrorism at the same time?


Mary Jane said...

Nothing is real anymore....synthetic this or that....reproductions cast in resin (cheap plastic) from China.
What ever happened to primo natural Accapulco Gold?
Now, there was a smoke!

Anonymous said...

Why was all that money going to Yemen?
Did this store provide the service of wire transfers? That might explain it.

Joe Moretti said...

Go natural!!!!

Anonymous said...

Check out the people who live in Creedmoor psychiatric they smoke that stuff and go to the hospital everyday. Looks like movie scene over there(zombieville).

JQ said...

All the more reason to goddamn legalize it Andrew!

I guarantee NY will be the last state to legalize after every other state does. We got a nice antiquated system for meting out justice for those possessing it. And what sort of moron smokes potpourri? These blends are like mixing bacardi with drano.

Anonymous said...

One of my neighbors proudly proclaims that has been smoking weed every day for a great many years. She tried the synthetic stuff once last year and ended up in Elmhurst Psych for several WEEKS. I mean, she had a major psychotic episode. Who the heck knows what's in that stuff? Smoking the real stuff is bad enough for you already. Who the heck would want to fill their lungs with a bunch of unknown chemicals?

Anonymous said...

Yet another reason to legalize the natural stuff. Locally grown, locally smoked, and much healthier for you.

Anonymous said...

I know weed ain't good for me but I like it. Would never do this fake stuff in a million years. Dangerous! Stay away!