Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Redbird may fly in a better location

DNA Info suggests 5 better places for the redbird tourism center than borough hall:

Long Island City, JFK, LaGuardia, Times Square and the Flushing Library


Anonymous said...

LIC makes sense. That little pie shaped park at Vernon and Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Someone on Facebook suggested the Queens Center Mall.

Joe Moretti said...

Before you have a tourism center, make sure you have something worth seeing in the first place.

Unless third world dreck is your thing, keep it moving.

Joe said...

Its a huge relic of Queen heritage in A+ restored condition, placing at the airport would keep it that way.
Anyplace else the feral urban youth will use it as a canvas for aerosol slop and the broke ass city will leave it rot. I believe that was restored at the MTAs Coney Island Yards where they store and maintain the relics. Its now CITY property and you can bet it will end up metal scrap or on the ocean floor if it gets messed up. Placing it at a school, park or street triangle would be a death sentence for it. In NYC over HALF the new grammar & high school kids dont give a shit about our history or culture, hell they dont even speak English at home or know who Thomas Edison was.

Anonymous said...

TOURISTS you nitwits!

Airports, Citifield or Tennis Stadium.

Anonymous said...

Can't be on a public street or it'll get wrecked like those pianos. Airports make sense.

Anonymous said...

Joe, somebody already hit that redbird with aerosol slop. You need to move or change your attitude. Your bitterness is eroding you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Queens Historical Society will take it. LOL!
Don't they have a vintage bunch of trains at the Transit Musem?
WTF do we need a redbird for?
If we are so hard up for heritage, then why the hell is the Steinway mansion being tortured to death?
Why has the RKO Keith's been rotting since the 1980s?
The fact remains, as Joe said, nobody gives a crap about heritage...especially not our crooked politicians.
Civic Virtue was allowed to decay and then stolen. Is a redbird the best that Queens can moan about losing?
Send it to Brooklyn.