Sunday, July 26, 2015

A wolf in sheep's clothing?

Ali Najmi to Announce Parkland Protection Act

Ali Najmi, Candidate for New York City Council, 23rd District
Daniel Altschuler, Make the Road Action Fund
Dr. Donovan Finn, SUNY Stony Brook Professor of Environmental Studies
Edwin Westley, Queens Parks Advocate
Park Advocates and Community Leaders

Monday, July 27th, 12:00pm

Where: Cunningham Park, Queens, NY
(Enter at 196th St & Union Turnpike); parking is available at site

What: Ali Najmi will stand with park advocates, community leaders, and local activists to introduce plans for legislation entitled the “Parkland Protection Act,” which will amend the City Charter to prohibit the sale of, or construction on, any inch of parkland without a supermajority approval of the City Council. Najmi and other Queens residents want to prevent any future attempts to give away parkland, like the attempted 2013 plan for a Major League Soccer stadium at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park and the ill-fated “Willets West Mall,” which the New York Supreme Court Appellate Division unanimously deemed illegal last month.
________________________________________ this fellow, who is a candidate for the 23rd district of the City Council, plans to introduce legislation to protect parkland, however...

Make the Road and Dr. Donovan Finn (of the fictional Queens Fairness Coalition which stopped being active 2 years ago) helped Council Member Julissa Ferreras strike a deal with the USTA to gobble up more Flushing Meadows parkland in return for cold, hard cash. And neither of these organizations signed on to be a plaintiff for the successful lawsuit that stopped development of a shopping mall on FMCP property.

How can this Najmi character be trusted considering the company he keeps?


Anonymous said...

Oh, he's a "progressive democrat", is he? Looks shady.

Anonymous said...

The idea is to get rid of the sitting council member. What's wrong with that? We don't need an ideal candidate, just to make the statement that the one presently in office is not acceptable. We need more challenges.

Anonymous said...

The sitting council member resigned, dingbat.

Anonymous said...

As many pol's have already been outed for not representing their constituents this case regarding the giving away of public parkland....many are now looking to take on new strategies which would serve to make them look like they are part of the herd.
"I'm one of you (sheep). I will help you fight the predators". Meanwhile the cagey , foxy, wolf-pol, gets fitted with a fine suit of sheep's garb.
Now he blends easily with the herd, gets in close, until he is ready to strike.
Voters must all learn to be as foxy as they can.

A glaring example of betrayal of community:
Paul Vallone got his council seat because a lot of voters thought he was one of the guys. He looks like a good family man, a church goer, soccer coach. What most voters didn't bother to look into was that Vallone got his campaign donations from the developers he was supposed to be protecting constituents against from devouring their quality of life.
The Vallones are developers' lobbyists. Wolves in sheep's clothing.

Do your homework! Know your candidate before it's too late. Campaign promises are easily broken.
And....there is no store return policy if you wind up,with a faulty product! Buyer beware!
Parkland advocacy sounds good, but what will Ali Najmi really do about it, if he gets to park his butt in the city council chambers?

Do your consumer research or suffer afterwards.

Anonymous said...

He should join Paul Vallone in a Conehead look alike contest. LOL!

Anonymous said...

All of these clowns that say they are progressive have Teddy Roosevelt rolling in his grave.

Anonymous said...

The company he keeps is right!

And it wasn't just the USTA...

Who can forget all the Queens elected officials famously falling over themselves at the October 2013 City Council stated meeting thanking Julissa Ferreras on the deal she made with the Related Companies and the Mayor's office
to seize more than 47 acres of parkland with the help of Donovan Finn and his "Queens Fairness Co and Make the Road. How much money did Make the Road get for their services on these deals?

A relationship that Queens Crap previously wrote about, "Makes you want to throw up, doesn't it?"

The problem is ALL three candidates vying for Mark Weprin’s vacated seat have a poor rack record when it comes to the issue of Protecting Parkland. Barry Grodenchik's former boss Helen Marshall apparently never met a park development deal she didn't like, and one can't possibly forget Rebecca Lynch's work (Beaudoin & Company LLC) as a lobbyist for Major League Soccer in their bid to seize public parkland in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

I suppose the only difference, at least so far, is that the other candidates aren't having a press conferences with people who were actively harmful in taking parkland in Queens away from the public.

Apparently Ali Najmi thinks Queens voters have zero memory. How Utterly Embarrassing.

And like De blasio who has a terrible record when it comes to parks - we can't forget that he appointed John Alschuler as the City's Planning Commissioner after he made money hand over foot also lobbying Major League Soccer for his company HR & A - apparently this is what these candidates mean by "progressive."

The hands of all three All three of these candidates running for Mark Weprin's seat are now dirty.

Was this simply a freshman mistake? If so Ali needs to apologize for the mistake, disinvite Donovan Finn and Make the Road
for tomorrow's press conference for a credibility's sake. Pretty Simple. But we know that won't happen.

Its Queens.

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

Alas, the leadership is so utterly false, fake and failed in Queens County (as with everywhere else), that voters have abstained altogether from voting for someone (anyone), all candidates are well known and established for their 'insider' criminal sociopathy!

That's how an arrogant, do nothing, know nothing pipsqueak like Eric Ulrich (his moniker is 'Derelict' Ulrich), of the 32nd councilmanic district, got elected in 2009, after he filled in for the seat that fellow, depraved sociopath Joe Addabbo vacated to become an even more corrupt and crooked senator (where are you, Preet Bharara?)?

But, in addition to Najmi (where the word progressive itself must now be new code for hyper-corrupt and regressive), is in good, shabby company with another corrupt, dishonest and voracious thief---Julissa Ferreras.

This 'latina' predator (and friendly robber), was standing right next to her partner in crime, former Congressman Anthony Weiner (yes, THAT disgraceful joke of a Weiner!), when she lied before the cameras at a press conference that Weiner himself arranged on Friday, February 25, 2011 in front of the steps of 'Triumphant of Civic Virtue (when the actual statue still towered prominently over Queens Boulevard, before it was secretly evicted, without city charter law observance, and any and all public review and due process!), as she made 'knowingly false' statements that the statue itself "...represents a 'man' that is stepping on two women!" An unconscionable lie from a scary, incompetent, failed amateur!

But, only three minutes earlier, I gave this ignorant wench a crash course, and art history lesson about allegory in public art, which she willfully chose to ignore, in order to buttress Anthony Weiner's ill conceived plan to sell this priceless monument and statuary on Craig's List (in the end, it was far easier to remove yet another corrupt politician of Queens like Weiner himself, who resigned in disgrace only ten weeks later---see, folks, Civic Virtue really works---with focus and purpose)!

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

So, not only did a dishonest crumb like Julissa Ferreras willfully lie to the media (without doing any research, or at least consult with an MFA like me), her public subjects (who didn't believe anything from either one of these unfunny clowns of intense incompetence in the first place), and especially herself, who advanced an agenda of knowingly false and willful lies that reinforced a mad and unstable plan for an already deranged, ignorant and dangerously failed figurehead like Helen Marshall to take every action to evict a prominent, gifted and welcome statue like 'Triumph of Civic Virtue' to be temporarily banished to the obscurity of a Brooklyn graveyard, as her final act of maddening contempt and disrespect to the borough of Queens, that she gravely failed to serve with a criminal misconduct, and sinfully negligent dishonor.

And, that's why Queens remains a cultural wasteland of ravaged, decaying and rapidly disappearing art altogether---without public consent and approval, no less (and especially now, with all staggering trace of Civic Virtue forbidden from keeping vigil on Queens Boulevard, there REALLY is no THERE, THERE!)---but plenty of vile, vapid and vacuous politicians to continue their unconscionable, Neo-Fascist rule and insidious destruction of all personal freedoms, rights, liberties and democracy---as Queens itself devolves into the deepest, most tonsured tar pit of 'Fourth World' adversity, beggary, obscurity and quiet desperation, that ironically, even Third World countries themselves have emerged from with better standards of free living and an openness and democracy for its erstwhile citizens of abject poverty and oppression!

But, sadly, the new (but very old) Queens Borough Hall of Melinda Katz continues to betray all public trust with impunity---as Katz herself stuffs even more cotton balls in her ears, while she arrogantly grabs for more power. Well, enjoy the illusion of power while it lasts, Melinda---the people's revolution is coming to reclaim and restore our democratic rights and tax dollar allocations---with an overdue vengeance!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Another thread hijacked by irritating dick. Boring and unreadable, that's his style. Why destroy a good blog?

Anonymous said...

Make the Road and Fairness Coalition are phony 'supporters' of parks that dropped their opposition to the Willets West mega-mall on parkland in 2013 when Council member Julissa Ferreras told them a deal was made for that project to proceed. Had they been actual true defenders of parks, they would have stood their ground and not agreed to cede any parkland as the Councilwoman ordered.

Ask the lawyers from City Club of New York, who successfully sued the City and Queens Development Group to stop the Willets West mega-mall: Who are the people and groups that actually helped to bring a stop to the project and protect the parkland? I guarantee that those lawyers have never heard of Donovan Finn, Fairness Coalition or Make the Road in this context. The actual useful groups that have staunchly defended the parkland have been Save Flushing Meadows-Corona Park and its founders/members, New York City Park Advocates and its director Geoffrey Croft, Willets Point United and its team, and nearby residents and business owners who have nothing whatsoever to do with Fairness Coalition or Make the Road. It speaks volumes, that none of the bona fide park defenders has been invited to Monday's announcement of the Council District 23 candidate concerning parkland legislation. The guy's either been duped or is on the whole phony Fairness Coalition / Make the Road program.

Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity, Richard. Why do you consider Joe Addabbo to be a depraved sociopath? Any proof?

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

Yet another Anonymous loser with no education and even zero breeding and human decency, but who ironically STILL continues criticizing the real work and accomplishments of only myself here (and no one else), and with name calling, no less!

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Anonymous said...

Rebecca lynch is a carpetbagger, moved back to Glenn Oaks for that part time job that pays 125k called the city council seat. She also seens pedophiles to people's door. it takes on sec to look up someone names on the sex offender registry but she don't give a damn. She is literally in bed with the working family party and acorn that bleeds people dry to support the unproductive in our society. Lynch is a tool