Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Waterfront Crabhouse to reopen under new owner

From LIC Talk:

The restaurant group that owns Shi and Skinny’s Cantina will be re-opening the Waterfront Crabhouse in LIC that sits at the end of Borden Avenue. While we don’t know about the timing or details, we hear it will continue with the seafood theme and possibly the name in some sort of iteration.

The Crabhouse, which opened back in 1977, was closed this February soon after the original owner passed away. Despite undergoing extensive renovations due to Hurricane Sandy, it retained its cluttered nostalgic look, which featured lots of boxing memorabilia. Might a gut renovation be in the works?


Anonymous said...

I'd want to see the DEP inspection report before I'd consent to dine there.
Who knows what effluent or toxic remains remain.
Superstorm Sandy flooded this whole area. I'm sure. The local hipsters are oblivious.
They live in their own world and try to forget how polluted the whole area became.
Double up your lattes and sing somewhere over the rainbow.

Anonymous said...

They received an "A" rating from the Health Department.

Here's hoping the new owners work to retain some of the history and warmth of the original -- and the excellent bartender as well.