Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Adventures in blog poaching

Just wanted to mention that the Daily News, Gothamist, and DNA Info all ran with my Van by the River story. None credited New York Shitty or Queens Crap (although DNA Info reporter claims her editor took it out). This is the epitome of Lazy Journalism 101. The sad thing is that not only do I always give them proper attribution and provide links to their stories, but I often send their reporters tips on things that I don't put on the blog. (Thankfully, Curbed showed more professionalism and linked to the correct source.)

If these "reporters" had any talent as journalists, they wouldn't need to poach off amateurs. And what further info did they add? None of them called Jimmy Van Bramer, the Mayor's office or AirBnB to inquire as to how the hell this is allowed to go on in NYC.

And here's a dose of whoopass straight from the original source.

- QC

UPDATE DNA Info & Gothamist have corrected their stories to provide attribution.


Anonymous said...

Crapper, if your parents laid out a shitload to send you to J-school and you ended up writing for a major newspaper but credited blogs as your sources, I think they'd be pissed. So these reporters were simply too embarrassed to cite your site or NYS.

Anonymous said...

So I guess we can all be journalists now the same way we can all be artists.

JQ said...

"So I guess we can all be journalists now the same way we can all be artists."

Sure we could, but in this era and in luxury city the majority of artists are tools for developers and luxury realtors (, and some stupid elects like Jimmy Van Bramer earmarked some funds for housing and supplies to finance these artists (

I don't know QC and NYS personally but I assume they have regular jobs and admirably find the time to inform and entertain their viewers without government or commercial hyper-development aid like the majority of our local and even national news media who are just p.r. firms more than journalists or journalism to further the mestatasis of gentrification and fill the coffers and safety deposit boxes of greedy developers,realtors and hedge fund lowlifes.

the crapper,the shitty,atlantic yards,cleanup jamaica and vanishing have been the only genuine reporters in town. And hopefully there will be more individual blogs that hack sites like DNA and the disingenuous Gothamist will steal from in the future to get more stories like subhuman trash like Johnathan out there. I suggest the latter sites just stick to writing about food and fetishes.

To paraphrase Tim Russert: keep getting them.

Joe Moretti said...

Bad enough that some of these so-called media outlets do not report on the real issues affecting our borough or screwing up facts, etc, now that have to blatantly steal from the one outlet that actually reports on the issues that affect everyone.

Not surprised at all.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that some idiot from another state or a foreigner will think that is a GREAT IDEA! (not sarcasm)

Anonymous said...

Also adding to the problem is that many of local reporters are not native to New York and know little about the neighborhoods in which they are reporting. Queens Crapper is a native. That's why it scoops the papers every time.

LibertyBoyNYC said...

NY "journalism" equals holding the mic for the mayor and waving pom poms. QC is among the last of the real journalists. Blogging is the second coming of the printing press. I'm very proud to read and comment, as a Queens citizen.

Anonymous said...

Not to disparage QC or NYS, but just look at the type of story the media outlets decided to pick up on: a fairly trite one when compared to all the other shit going on. When QC calls out politicians bullshit, the 'bigger' news outlets almost never cover the story.

I've personally tried spoon-feeding news outlets article idea (complete with research) that are critical of local politicians and the real estate interests that own them. Those stories are never picked up on.

SaveNYC said...

Really disappointing and embarrassing that our news media outlets have become as believable as a trash mag and can't even bother to credit their articles. I'm one of the Admins for #SaveNYC. We really appreciate what you do and use your blog as a source often for the FB page or our Action City blog.

Thanks for all the great coverage of Queens and NYC! Keep up the excellent work.

Anonymous said...

media fails especially the new york daily rag.

Anonymous said...

SaveNYC: look at who wrote the post. It was me.


New York Shitty

P.S.: Unless I am wrong Gersh Kuntzman is the managing editor for the Daily News outer borough stuff. Taking over Brooklyn Paper and NY Post journalism "ethics" to yet another a news outlet.