Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New lifeguard stations stand unused

DNA Info/Katie Honan
From DNA Info:

A multimillion-dollar lifeguard shack installed after Hurricane Sandy on one of the peninsula's most popular beaches remains shuttered — nearly two months into summer.

The pair of buildings — which were part of a controversial project after Hurricane Sandy that has cost the city more than $121 million so far — have been standing empty at beach 97th Street and the waterfront since Memorial Day, officials admitted.

"Though lifeguards are staffing the beach in this area, they haven’t yet moved into the 97th Street building," Parks Department spokeswoman Meghan Lalor wrote in an email to DNAinfo New York.

"They will be in the building within the week."

A Parks Department spokeswoman said the shacks were closed while the city completed the second phase of the boardwalk, which opened July 3. However, the lifeguard shack is on a portion of the boardwalk that has been open since Memorial Day.


JQ said...

Instead of rebuilding the boardwalk then repairing stations, which would take thinking and logic, they built these jetsons shacks, which through the last few years the parks dept. spared no expense in maintenance by heading to the nearest 99 cent store and buying duct tape to keep them stable.

For all intents and purposes maybe it's for the lifeguards safety that they avoid using those foil cans and just live with the indignity of the long walks on that sidewalk that's there.

These lifeguards are going to have their hands full this season and this is how they are treated, especially since they don't have a place nearby to wash up and change. In addition to all the drunk hipsshits that might go in the water after drinking craft beers and margaritas in those barsteraunts on the board, actually sidewalk. Funny how the parks dept. made sure those establishments got taken care of before the needs of those who choose to look out for and save people's and kid's lives.

And I find the renovation of the board/sidewalk's installments very suspicious. Like why didn't the city fix the sidewalk from 105 to 116? Perhaps because there's a homeless shelter there? Wouldn't want any undesirable and unattractive types to wander onto those precious artisan barstaraunts and make all the these new pioneering folk cognizant of the blight still around there now. And why does the renovation halt at 86 next to rippers? Wouldn't they like anyone from still crime and poverty ridden Far Rock to patronize their 8 dollar burgers and 7 dollar beers? (interesting how Bratton announced he's going to make enforcement in the rockaways a priority). This almost reeks of segregation of a beach, actually maybe it is. City enabled social engineering gentrification of a beach. To please all those commuting from Brooklyn Goddamn (apologies to Nina Simone) at the expense of the lifeguard staff.

I hope somebody in City Hall or Goldfelder reminds to tell the sharks and man-o-war jellyfish that.

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

That's priceless, JQ---"I hope somebody in City Hall of Goldfelder (sic) reminds to tell the sharks and man-o-war jellyfish that!

Phil Goldfeder---from one spineless, cradle-to-grave jellyfish to another! Even the proverbial 'Blind Leading the Blind' would be a better fit for any action to prevail!

Alas, there's always hope for future space colonization, followed by any modicum of evolution for these vile, vapid and vacuous Queens political troglodytes of epic fail!

Anonymous said...

once again, other beachfront communities impacted by Sandy got their act together and got federal money and rebuilt their boardwalks pronto. but not us. now we have a couple of board blocks.

Anonymous said...

Went there sunday because apparently "the board walk is so nice now" the amount of trash and other trash that was on the beach and boardwalk there just reminded/claried why i havent been to rockaway in years.

Why waste 121 million dollars on people that are not civilized and will never be?