Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Fox visits golfers at Kissena Park

From DNA Info:

A young fox was spotted on the fairway at the Kissena Park Golf Course in Flushing Saturday by a group of golfers, and he wasn't too shy.

The fox came out from a grassy area surrounding the course near the 11th hole at about 1 p.m., the golfers said.

It spent a little time sniffing around a player's club before scurrying away, according to video.


Anonymous said...

Well stop cutting down their homes and they won't come out. Stupid politicians just want to build build build to allow third world trash to live in this country meanwhile they are sacrificing the forests where all these beautiful Animals are suppose to be living!

Anonymous said...

Add a fox to the golfer's vocabulary along with " birdie and eagle".
Can we be sure that this is not really a developer scoping the course in another form?
After all, it is underutilized land.

Anonymous said...

There once was a hardware store on Roosevelt Ave. in Downtown Flushing...Fox & Schamel.
Maybe this is one of the partners, Mr. Fox, violating the laws of werewolf behavior.
He appears in daylight instead of after midnight as a fox instead of a wolf.
St. Mary's and Flushing cemetery are nearby. You never know.
Happy Halloween, in advance....BOO! I love nature. What wonderful habitats are still left around the city for wildlife to find a home.

Anonymous said...

What's even funnier, the fox won the golf game, too

Anonymous said...

poor baby is so skinny!

Anonymous said...

Cute of course!

Joe said...

These guys and coyotes migrated from the Bronx via the Hells Gate Bridge. I seen them running down the trackbed in the mid 90s. Pre 911 you could walk right up the bridge tower to the top from Astoria park. Its real creepy up their !!
Now in Bayside, Little Neck, Manhasset and Port Washington. They like to eat cats, rabbits and raid garbage.

No skinny poor baby, Don't be fooled by the looks !! These tuff, strong agile little bastards will drag you trash, cat, small dog, pet chicken over a 6 foot fence and down the street into some isolated spot "and work on it later" if they cant finish the job.

Anonymous said...

What would Tiger Woods have done?