Thursday, July 16, 2015

Why can't we do this here?

From NBC:

There's a new effort to clean the bushes and branches that have overgrown outside several abandoned homes in East Orange. The program not only makes the neighborhood look nicer, but also gives unemployment residents a chance to work. Brian Thompson reports.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful for DA Brown's office to share done of his $116 million windfall from HSBC penalties,n

Joe Moretti said...

And they can start with Jamaica. Tons of vacant properties as well as tons of unemployed people hanging out on the streets. But then the elected officials cannot think outside of the box, hell, they cannot even think inside the damn box.

JQ said...

Those people in the video look proud and take pride at what they're doing. I have not seen sincerity like that in years. See what you can accomplish if you give folks a decent wage to work and make progress in lives and the community.

The key is to find folks like that in this town, and I don't think they exist. Just like the brain cells in some electeds in southern queens, who refuse to acknowledge the overwhelming blight but for some reason envision tourism and luxury development in the borough or town they represent