Sunday, June 7, 2015

DOT hesitates to fix beat up road

From the Queens Chronicle:

Esther and Marty Golden won’t have to look at the cracks on 153rd Avenue much longer.

The Department of Transportation, responding to an inquiry about the poor condition of the corridor, said on Tuesday it’s preparing to fix holes along that stretch of road — but stopped short of saying it will receive a total makeover.

“DOT will make pothole repairs as needed and we will review the street to see if resurfacing in the future is warranted for the corridor,” an agency spokeswoman said in an email.

The Goldens, who live in a co-op on 153rd Avenue, told the Queens Chronicle the road has been a safety hazard for the past couple of months.

“I haven’t fallen but I have tripped on it,” Esther Golden, a 35-year resident of the community, said pointing to several cracks and holes along the road.

She said the street has been in bad shape for a few months but the onslaught of ice and snow this winter exaggerated the problem.


Anonymous said...

Would really enjoy if they called in a USN Construction Battalion to fix this road.
I'd bet they'd rip the old out and put a whole new road in in less then a week at a much lower cost.

Be great to see what can be done instead of what is being done.
We've grown to expect less every year.

Anonymous said...

Whats in the picture is the result of an excavation. A cable company or utility dug up the street and did one of the shittiest repairs I've ever seen. Check the records and have them come out and do it properly at their expense.

Anonymous said...

Seabees can't work in the U.S. because of union regulations...

Anonymous said...

City Agencies pass the buck.

There is a huge hole in the middle of the street in front of the ugly Huang Development on 223rd Street between Mia Drive (we still don't know how that street was designated and by whom) and 39th Avenue. It was filled in by DOT months ago with asphalt which obviously was not the right fix. It is a crater and likely to cause an accident eventually. Now, it seems DOT is not responsible to actually fix the problem. Well, who is. We can't seem to find out.

The entire street is hazardous as the road is in need of reconstruction of some sort and paving. Our local politicians seem to be powerless to get something done about these serious problems.

Anonymous said...

The city DOES NOT follow up on utility excavations and repairs. Con Ed , National Grid, and Verizon just toss a pile of asphalt on their work and leave.

Anonymous said...

DOT is too busy designing the next bike lane or trying to find a place to take away parking to worry about resurfacing and repairing the streets, especially in Queens.

Anonymous said...

Our local politicians must demand that the Agencies fix major problems.

Unfortunately, they start the ball rolling with letters to the various agencies. Then, nothing more really happens. They have to stay on the matter until it is resolved. There is no follow through.

It's on to the next photo shoot and/or press conference. We need resolutions to the problems.

Anonymous said...


the divider -mall curbs at Bayside 42Ave. @ 204 street ,201 -205 st. are being destroyed by the P.S.130 Q daily school bus terminal. large buses are not able to make the turns because of their size. the exile buses from CSD 26 , returning local pupils ,complete the rest of the damage. the city politicians Avella,Padavan, Vallone, schmuck , Halloran wrote their letters to city agencies for 20 years ,but the response was "SHUT UP & PAY YOUR TAXES ".