Monday, June 15, 2015

1000 new cops won't decrease response times

From LTV Squad:

There has been no mention of reopening the closed firehouses or hiring additional EMTs. When you combine these facts with a rapidly increasing population, the math frankly does not look good for anyone expecting a timely response to their 911 calls.

As you can see in the math above, 1000 new police officers would not result a significant amount of new patrols on a neighborhood level. 1000 new officers divided by 98 commands (77 neighborhood Precincts, 12 transit districts, 9 housing ‘service areas’) equals 10.2 new officers per station. 10 officers divided by 3 shifts yields 3 additional officers per shift (or, one patrol car and a foot post).

2 additional patrols per stationhouse sounds good, but we haven’t factored in the retirement rate yet. Unfortunately, this is currently an unknown number.

What is known about the attrition rate doesn’t look good: One article (from 2013) states 3000 officers are set to retire. This is backed by a story from 2012. Former city councilman Peter Vallone stated at the time that “I think people should be extremely worried…”.

Assuming the old published numbers are correct, we’re going into the red and 1000 new officers won’t make up the difference.


Anonymous said...

And you forgot to take away the officers who are on vacation, sick or injured, or are at training.

Anonymous said...

Also those who are at court and the two cops that are sent each tour from every precinct into Manhattan for the counterterrorism CRV deployment dog and pony show for the tourists.

Anonymous said...

Or the rate at which many policeman are leaving for Nassau or Suffolk PDs or another state!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the 2 to 4 cops that sit around the clock 7 days a week at the new training center in college pt, that's at least 1 or 2 police cars or full sized police vans sitting idling at both entrances to protect? The training facility. Apparently the safest place in the city is the new training center. With 2 swimming pools and health clubs on site it must be a dam comfortable place too.
How many of these 1000 new cops will get these or other cushy jobs?

Anonymous said...

That's why we also need to hire more doesn't matter,policing in nyc as we knew it is over.

Anonymous said...

you might as well apply anon#4 if you think its so cushy. the city needs more go getters like yourself.