Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Vibrant and diverse terrorist sympathizer

From CBS New York:

A college student in Queens is accused of planning a terror attack on New York City on behalf of ISIS.

Munther Omar Saleh was arrested on June 7 after allegedly trying to attack investigators who were following him, 1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon reported.

Federal investigators said Saleh was in a green Jeep and had a knife on him when he was arrested near the Whitestone Bridge, CBS2’s Dave Carlin reported.

Saleh recently enrolled at a college in Queens that specializes in aeronautics and was taking a course in electrical circuitry, according to investigators.

According to court documents, the 20-year-old espoused jihadist beliefs online and openly supported ISIS activities via Twitter, including the Charlie Hebdo massacre in France, the burning to death of a Jordanian pilot and the beheading of a Japanese journalist. He also allegedly tweeted support for the terror attack in Garland, Texas in May.


Anonymous said...

Well why not, when our city council leader displays her support for a terrorist by proudly wearing a t-shirt calling for his freedom she creates the climate making it ok, now if someone were wearing an American flag shirt that would have been offensive

Anonymous said...

He lives in Flushing. Where else?

Anonymous said...

Our vibrant and diverse citizens are out of control!

Anonymous said...

Just another member of the IRA?

Anonymous said...

Just what we needed. A lunatic terrorist wanna-be taking aeronautic classes.

Anonymous said...

What is it with The Whitestone Expy. and 20th Ave.?

This is the second time in five years that terrorists were apprehended there.

The FBI caught terrorists from the Masjid Hazrati Abu Bakr Siddique Mosque on 33 Ave. near Parsons at about the same spot.

Anonymous said...

Absurd part if that they just got another "guy" after a violent confrontation who was a student at the College of Staten Island---going to school on OUR tax payer dime--just like that (now deceased) Boston bomber older brother piece of worthless crap--but when YOUR kid wanst to go to college, even CUNY, you've gotta PAY, although all your taxpaying lives you've been subsidizing the university system. Couple of years ago they got some Queens College grads in a house in Woodside, planning an attack. When will we LEARN?????

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when feudal casuists corrupt education and use it to produce blathering bullturd artists who use third world language like "utilize" instead of "use". The professulas love such liars because they help them cheat on their grants and don't make them work by asking questions in class.