Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sinkhole suddenly appears in Bayside

From the Queens Courier:

Residents in Bayside have a sinking feeling about the hole that suddenly emerged near the middle of 35th Avenue.

The sinkhole appeared between Corporal Stone Street and 214th Place about two days ago, but on Thursday was only about a foot in length, according to residents that live across from the depression.

Overnight it expanded to about 6 feet in length and nearly 3 feet wide. Someone placed an orange cone in front of the sinkhole, which was only in one lane of the road, to warn drivers, but some feared it could still damage someone’s car.

The Courier reached out to representatives of the Department of Environmental Protection, which handles sinkholes, and although the media section of the agency did not respond to inquiries, workers were out Friday afternoon hours after the article was published fixing the large sinkhole.


JQ said...

I thought the cone was supposed to go into the sinkhole. Further proof of the cities negligence.

Not only that, but a hole that size requires a city garbage can turned upside down.

Hopefully our roads will improve once all rents will be at the inflated market rate.

Anonymous said...

This is very dangerous. Thank the government for using cheap material to make the roads!

Anonymous said...

We know from experience that the City will send the DEP to look, yes look, at the hole numerous times. Eventually, they will throw some asphalt into the hole. It will sink again and again. Unbelievable, but that is the way it seems to go.

Anonymous said...

Too bad it didn't suddenly pop up in the middle of one of those troublesome bike lanes.

Anonymous said...

This is nothing. Check out 193rd St. just north of Northern. The city has done nothing. Con Ed was kind enough to donate an orange cone (or a local stole one from the Con Ed project a block down.)

Check out Utopia Parkway between Crocheron all the way down to Francis Lewis Blvd.

Check out the corner of 14th Ave and the CIP.

I guess we should just be glad that the holes are in the road and not under houses thus far.

Anonymous said...

city council communist "SHUT UP & PAY YOUR TAXES" GRINGO.