Monday, June 22, 2015

Future Darwin Award Winner

From the NY Post:

A straphanger filmed a numbskull with a death wish “surfing” an E train at a Queens station last week.

The unidentified subway surfer clings to the back of the train as it pulls out of the Van Wyck Boulevard station in Jamaica, balanced precariously on one leg.

“I should take the bus home after witnessing this cuz if he die you know that’s a 2 hour delay,” posted Instagram user remember24getme, along with the video.

An MTA spokesman said the agency was unaware of the incident and the image would be forwarded to the NYPD.


Anonymous said...

Jackass is wearing a backpack or in this case a "sail" to boot. When another train or "express" passes in the adjacent track the wind concussion can be close to 5X the speed of the train ---add that to the vacuum & turbulence behind the train he's riding.
Personally I don't care all these "urban inner city youth" hoodlums get killed as long as the mop up doesn't make me late !!

Anonymous said...

Well, at least he's smarter than the ones who try to ride on the top of the train cars - after a few heads have rolled, word got around. These injuries are not like video games or cartoons - you don't just get up and dust yourself off after you lose a limb.

Anonymous said...

Fuck"em hopefully this asshole will die without inconveniencing the public with heavy delays.

Anonymous said...

If this idiot gets injured or worse guaranteed that his family sues the MTA.