Thursday, June 11, 2015

DOT & DEP point fingers at each other as pothole remains

From the Queens Chronicle:

A sinkhole in a travel lane of Queens Boulevard has grown by about one-third since it was brought to the attention of city officials on May 26, and still was unattended as of Monday afternoon.

The hole, which appears to be at least two feet deep and filled with trash, broken asphalt and other debris, is in the lefthand travel lane on the southeast-bound service road, just past where the road forms a T-junction with Woodhaven Boulevard, across from the Queens Center Mall.

The Chronicle first brought the hole to the attention of the city’s Department of Transportation on May 26, the day after Memorial Day.

Pictures of the hole were published in some editions of the Chronicle on May 28.


Anonymous said...

only in NYC. a lot of city construction contracts with private builders require them to do as the city says (as opposed to default), then fight out the liability in court. par for the course that the city holds themselves to a different standard.

Anonymous said...

I reported a bad sinkhole on Jewel Avenue between 147th Street and Main Street. The response was worthy of a Laurel & Hardy film. This sinkhole, if you were not aware of it, could have broken a car's axle or caused a loss of control by the driver, because the whole lane dipped considerably immediately south of the 12" sinkhole. Apparently "someone in charge" came to the site a few days later and placed a couple of pylons next to the hole. Yeah, that'll fix it! Within hours, the pylons had been knocked away by traffic. One inventive person stuck one of the pylons point first into the sinkhole, like a bright orange plug in the street. It took SEVERAL DAYS, but then a laughable third-rate patching job was done which left large cracks in the road and did nothing to address the huge dip in the lane caused by the sinkhole. If this is what they call fixing the sinkhole, then building a house with Elmer's Glue instead of nails would be considered fine. Somebody's brother-in-law got the contract, obviously.

Anonymous said...

I have been driving for over 39 years and the roads in the New York metro area are in the worst condition since dirt roads. There are many causes for this but here are a few I think contribute most.
1. Poor repair response times
2. Very heavy trucks causing damage
3. Poor modern road construction methods
4. Harsh winters with heavy ice damage
5. Contractors who are ripping off the tax payers and doing shoddy work

Anonymous said...

Neighbors reported a dangerous sinkhole months ago on 223rd Street between 39th Avenues and Mia Drive numerous times. After the DOT came by and looked at it several times they finally threw some asphalt into the deep hole. It shortly sunk further in. Looks like local residents threw dirt into the hole to try to help avoid an accident.

STILL NEEDS TO BE REPAIRED. It seems no City Agency wants to take responsibility to adequately correct the problem.

Anonymous said...

Deblasio says, no need to fix any of the above, we will just use ferries and build bike lanes...

Anonymous said...

YOUR tax dollars at work. Let's keep building. Screw the infrastructure!!!

Anonymous said...

There's a lovely little sinkhole on 82 Avenue @ Queens Blvd. as you cross the street from Borough Hall to the Court House. An orange traffic cone is in it to alert us of its presence.

Gary W said...

You should see the condition of Beverly Rd in Kew Gardens betwwen Audlety St and 83rd Ave. It's pathetic I don't know how the residenst stand it.