Monday, June 15, 2015

Bad traffic situation in Sunnyside

From CBS New York:

The signs on a street in Sunnyside, Queens make it clear that it is for one-way traffic only, but some drivers are ignoring it.

As CBS2’s Dave Carlin reported, residents say they are scared for their lives. Living on what should be a quiet one-way street is like living on the edge, they say.

They say too many drivers are using 39th Place in Sunnyside to short cut away from an often jam-packed service road alongside the Queens-Midtown Expressway.

CBS2 spotted the driver of a sport-utility vehicle and a white van backing up the wrong way. More brazen was the driver of a blue minivan who moved forward illegally against the traffic.

Drivers trying to shortcut out of expressway traffic over to Queens Boulevard are not the only lawbreakers. Others set aside safety in a crazed competition to find parking.

Residents said another problem is that drivers see in the rearview mirror that a parking space opened up behind them. But instead of going around, they back up this one-way street.


Anonymous said...

so as I keep saying over and over again what is our counselman Jimmy doing about this -- probably NOTHING at all --

Anonymous said...

only way to stop it is to toll the free bridges

Unknown said...

actually jimmy was here the problem is DOT they refuse to put police at the end of 39th st and 39th place and write tickets this has been going on for a long time....why dont they want to make money?

ive seen 30 cars go up the wrong way in an hour especially during sandy when the midtown tunnel was closed....not one ticket wrote......

it usually backs up after 10 am when the reversible lane closes and 2-4 in the afternoon people need to make a u turn to get to the other side of the LIE the traffic lights are just not in sync to make traffic move

then we have a no standing zone from 7-10 am so people can park during the day merging 2 lanes into one......a no standing/stopping zone from 7-7 would eliminate that problem

then there is no access out of this maze..a simple reversal of a very short street namely 38th street would give an easy access to greenpoint ave... but again no one from dot has the guts to talk to the residents...

Anonymous said...

Happens all the time on my block. People just don't care or to lazy to drive around. We have a very long block.

Anonymous said...

With the way cops love writing tickets for absolutely nothing, you'd think they'd jump at a bonanza like this. Why would they ignore such an easy way to meet quota?

Anonymous said...

Sunnyside ain't so sunny anymore. What has Van Bramer got to say?
Yeah....paint the lane markers rainbow.

Anonymous said...

More and more of the traffic lights are becoming out of sinc, I believe intentionally since non moving traffic can't kill pedestrians, this just makes the growing traffic nightmare worse.
And by the way the answer is not to install traffic jamming toll gates on the currently free bridges. The answer is to ban passenger cars in Manhattan during. Business hours. Remember delivery and service trucks must charge their customers for time spent in traffic and tolls paid so everyone in the city pays. If they don't do something about the traffic it will get much worse and cost everyone much much more.