Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Almost 300 units coming to LIC paint building

From the LIC Post:

Vernon Boulevard’s dilapidated Paragon Paint Factory building may soon be part of a huge new residential development.

Construction plans were filed Saturday for a 28-story, 296-unit building at the site; partial demolition plans for the paint factory were filed a day earlier.

According to developer Brent Carrier, the rear portion of the factory will be torn down. The remaining structure will be attached to the new tower and will hold both first-floor retail and residential space.

“We want to preserve the façade of the paint factory and combine it into the new building,” Carrier said.

Carrier declined to discuss specific design plans for the paint factory, but acknowledged that its green exterior will change.


Anonymous said...

Just what the area needs!!!

JQ said...

“We want to preserve the façade of the paint factory and combine it into the new building,”

To go with the theme of the facade of affordable housing in L.I.C. and the rest of new york.

A paint factory, it's incredible that this town once had manufacturing jobs.

These people are cretins. And L.I.C. is going to sink into the east river with all the over-development.

Anonymous said...

Former paint factory? I dunno. Sounds like a major toxic site.
But then, dumb Midwest wannabee hipsters will buy a pig in a poke in NYC that they would never buy in Misouri.

Anonymous said...

If LIC is destined to sink into the East River, that will be of no concern of the developers.
They live far away in places such as Old Brookville.
The headaches will mount for the dumb condo buyers. As far as affordable housing goes, will somebody please define the term "affordable" as it pertains to New York City and its astronomical cost of living?

Anonymous said...

The cretins are the elected officials that are displacing entire communities - to say nothing like the development shills like Taste of LIC, Chocolate Factory, We Heart Astoria.

Every time you are stuck on a train, thank them.

Anonymous said...

This will be good for a few hundred more people looking for parking spots, flushing the toilets, putting on air conditioners in the summer and piling into already packed subway cars in the morning.

Unknown said...

exactly people are really dumb in America......they could never understand that reverse commuting to say kew gardens means you get a seat and once i was the only person in the last car at 930AM..too bad it was a temp job...

piling into already packed subway cars in the morning.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Richard. So glad I work in Queens now.

Never understood bosses fetish for getting in at exactly 9AM either, the exact same time everyone else is trying to get in. Even arriving at 9:15 would shave 30 minutes off a commute from Queens.

Anonymous said...

And just remember - not a single new first responder will be assigned to the area. FDNY engine 261 remains closed, and the 108 pct. remains understaffed. (EMTs? I don't see them in LIC, ever, unless they come in from astoria or sunnyside when someone is dying).

The developer probably hasn't noticed that the former owner buried several dozen barrels of haz-mat in the back yard. Black 55 gallon drums clearly marked haz-mat. There was a contractor digging back there, and the barrels were right next to the hole. Gee I wonder where they disappeared to?

Where is van bramer? Oh that's right, laughing all the way to the bank.