Saturday, June 27, 2015

Illegal park party bust

From the Queens Tribune:

The NYPD shut down plans for a massive outdoor party that was allegedly planned at Charles Park in Howard Beach, the 106th Precinct announced Saturday.

According to Deputy Inspector Jeffrey Schiff, commanding officer of the 106th Precinct, an outdoor dance party called “Sex On The Beach 5” was planned for Friday night “on a real beach.”

In a Facebook post Saturday, Schiff said police officers were monitoring plans for the party on social media, which advised people to take the A train to the 88th Street station in Ozone Park, then call a cell phone number to be picked up by van and taken to “a secret location” where the party was to take place.

Schiff confirmed that the location was Charles Park, which has a small beachfront facing Jamaica Bay. He explained how the NYPD, along with National Park Police, which oversees Gateway National Recreation Area, a national park that includes Charles Park, worked together to bust the Friday night event.

“The 106th Precinct came up with a plan that involved our Harbor Unit who would search our shore line and the Federal Park Police who would patrol the park and the weeds to discover the location and stop it before the party took root,” Schiff said in the Facebook post. “As it turned out, the 106th Precinct followed that van and discovered the secret location within Charles Park at around 11 p.m.. We contacted the Federal Park Police who then issued a federal summons to the DJ for assembly with no permit.”


Anonymous said...

I went to an illegal rave in what was the hangar at the old Flushing airport back in the mid 90's. Good times and nobody got hurt, except for massive amounts of mosquito bites.

Joe said...

Yeah nobody usually gets hurt at the "location" but these asshole attendees hurt others and do LOADS of property damage, hit & run driving home all f_cked up coming down from MDMA drugs & booze.
Idiots burning hours on synthetic dopamine releasing drugs (ecstacy) and alcohol especially crash hard !!
These electronic dance music party's are held in secret so organizers can both sell & hide the drugs if raided.
I know this because I personally supplied large sound systems for DJs and got an eyeful. On both occasions I was lied too "private wedding party" and risked getting the gear confiscated if a bust went down.

NO MORE! F_ ALL ALL THESE "DJs" and rave organizers BECAUSE THEY LIE LIKE Politicians and have nothing to lose but "disposable" cheap laptops and lighting toys !!

Anonymous said...

If only more people knew of the insanely loud house parties going on in the 106th precinct area, they'd understand why busting this party is a welcomed thing. I hate that the cops seem to pander to the "cultural" needs of a particular groul of people who just have to play music from their backyards so loudly, they can be heard blocks away. Or the obnoxious people playing drums outdoors , after dark, because in their native land, a wedding or engagement needs to be annoumced to the whole neighborhood at once, just as people are drifting off to sleep. This is totally wrong. I'm really glad the 106th is starting to make headway with this problem.

Anonymous said...

@3rd comment

Those shenanigans has spilled over to the 102 precinct area (at least below Jamaica Avenue). I'm sick of the parties, loud cars, loud people, and during this time of year, the damn fireworks.

Anonymous said...

How much more expensive can it be to do this legally?