Sunday, June 21, 2015

Realtor pushing for hotel by Newtown Creek

From the Queens Courier:

Today Newtown Creek stands as one of the “nation’s most polluted waterways,” according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as a result of industrial contamination from nearby factories and raw sewage dumping that dates back to the 1800s.

But listed as a Superfund site since 2010 and with an ongoing remedial process, brokers at Greiner-Maltz Investment Properties are marketing a site across from a section of the infamously contaminated body of water that could be in high demand after the grimy, toxic 3.8 mile creek is cleaned up.

The site sits at the edge of Ridgewood near the border of East Williamsburg and Maspeth to the north. It begins where Metropolitan and Onderdonk avenues intersect, and is surrounded by various factories in the neighborhood.

An existing 4,225-square-foot building with the address 46-00 Metropolitan Ave. is on the site, which is being used as an auto junk yard. The property has up to 40,720 square feet of buildable space zoned for manufacturing, but an investor could redevelop it into a hotel with — views of the now-mucky creek — brokers said.

See that off-color section of water? That's poop, folks.


Anonymous said...


2)Perhaps the magical bus fleet can serve as hotel shuttles.

3)As to its eventual role as a homeless shelter, hey its like only a block walk to Western Beef, and there are nearby train tracks for the kiddies to play on.

Anonymous said...

The Knockout center is right up Metro and this area will be developed for parties and TV studios.
I can see it now, Live from the KnockOut! on late night TV. Music, interviews and the whole nine yards. A destination for the young, young hipsters.

Late night bars and cafes along Troutman, Flushing, Onderdonk and Star.

And then a recession and homeless families will occupy the Hotel and the shops will close.

ron s said...

Phenomenally stupid

Anonymous said...

I guess the windows will not open and they plan on a state of the art air filtration system.

JQ said...

"Late night bars and cafes along Troutman, Flushing, Onderdonk and Star."

Your prophecy was fulfilled in the past year anonymous.
This is also by there, some sort of manufactured beer garden hangout for generation gentrification. You would think a Corona commercial jumped out of your tv and devoured a former warehouse with a wave from the hand of some Hipster Zeus.

And would you believe that talks of a bike lane is enough to hike up absurd demand for bidding?

These poachers, and that's what they plainly are, see themselves as pioneers traveling and in their shallow brains discovering lands. Spike Lee called it. These devils are channeling Christopher Columbus, and will take whatever is nailed down and raze and pillage and displace whatever is there. This isn't free enterprise, it's a modern form of cleansing a neighborhood of it's residents and way of life.

And for what and why really, because of some PDF Lonely Planet put out. I believe this something akin to how they market vacation spots in Jamaica and Brazil, other countries with resort and tourist destinations amongst poor neighborhoods.

I yield the floor to Middle Villager. Because they are getting closer.

Anonymous said...

Ah well, it seems I've been away for a year or two.

Bring back the Eagles Nest!

Whoops, they already have but without the local ambiance.

Anonymous said...

The (C)ancer Hotel.

Middle Villager said...

JQ... Sorry, I was busy yesterday. As to the creeping crud making their way into Middle Village, should take a little extra time to get here. We are very "provincial" in these parts.