Sunday, June 14, 2015

Authorities seek Queens bank robber

From WPIX:

NYPD detectives and FBI agents are hunting a prolific, armed robber who they say has ripped off at least 12 banks in Queens.

According to the FBI-NYPD Joint Violent Crime Task Force, he often wears a collared shirt and baseball cap, and passes the teller a note demanding cash. During at least five of the robberies he has pulled up his shirt to show a handgun tucked into his waistband.

The last time he struck was in December 2014, when cops say he stole cash from the Chase bank at 74-04 Elliot Avenue. Officials say he has been mainly hitting banks in and around the Jackson Heights, East Elmhurst and Astoria.

• Chase Bank, located at 60-67 Myrtle Avenue, Ridgewood, NY, on December 6, 2014;

• Chase Bank, located at 69-55 Grand Avenue, Queens, NY, on October 4, 2014;

• Dime Savings Bank of Willamsburgh, 75-23 37th Avenue, Jackson Heights, NY, on August 30, 2014;

• Chase Bank, located at 47-11 Queens Boulevard, Sunnyside, NY on July 25, 2014;

• Santander (attempt), located at 89-01 Northern Boulevard, Jackson Heights, NY, on July 22, 2014;

• Chase Bank, located at 77-01 31st Avenue, East Elmhurst, NY, on June 7, 2014.


Captain Renault said...

Merde! Le hooligan!

At least he's not a member of the "Ex Presidents" bank robbing gang.

I'm not surprised that he's a Yankees fan!

Oh well, you know the drill........


Anonymous said...

Need to allow security and law abiding citizens to be armed.
These laws and NYS gun database is bullshit, it allows all criminals to look up where the legal guns are and who has them with a laptop. Things are only going to get worse as more cash waiving foreigner's and illegals come flood into this city creating more hardship for blacks.
All those banks robbed and not 1 shot fired ?
In the old days this thug would be dead or in jail by now, Why is he OUT OF JAIL still alive or even walking ?

Anonymous said...

Ah, the classic timeless crime--bank robbery! Sounds so antiquated, don't it? How long before banks become obsolete?

Anonymous said...

Need to have security cameras placed at average eye level instead of ceiling level pointing down.

Anonymous said...

And security cameras do what once an armed criminal or terrorist gains control. Call the cops to come after the fact or worse a hostage situation develops ?
Let BOTH EMPLOYEES AND law abiding citizens carry guns if they want to and the criminals will go elsewhere to commit crime. Note: Zero Bank robberies & home invasions in Texas AND guess why ?

Anonymous said...

I agree we citizens should be able to carry guns. A few days ago in Jamaica queens a criminal tried to rob some guys for their motorcycles. He got just what he deserved 2 bullets to the head. One of the men getting robbed was a correction officer.

Ned said...

As stated bullets to the head and problem solved.
No $100K court and public defender cost plus $$36K-$$50K a year to jail the bastards--free law school, library, health, dental, mental and care included.
In New York It costs near a million$$ to jail each these pricks for 10 years, and that's why JUDGES ARE PUSHED TO KEEP SETTING THEM LOOSE !! Make no mistake this suspect will have a LONG record of felony, assault, probation's and bleeding heart liberal appointed "get out of jail free" cards walks when caught.
A bullet costs 50 cents !!