Saturday, June 20, 2015

NYPD cracks down on Jamaica trucks

In response to community complaints regarding tractor trailers operating off the designated truck routes, the following enforcement has been conducted by our TRAFFIC SAFETY OFFICERS. This enforcement was conducted between the dates January 15th, 2015 to June 19th, 2015.

On behalf of the 103rd Precinct, I would like to thank you, the community members of South Jamaica, for working with us on this issue.

Off Truck Route Summons Locations

· 99 Ave = 81 Summonses Issued

· 170 St = 58 Summonses Issued

· 175 St = 7 Summonses Issued

· 179 St = 4 Summonses Issued

· Other locations = 12 Summonses Issued

· Total Off Truck Route Summonses issued = 162


Detective Marc Costa
Community Affairs
103rd Precinct
New York City Police Department
168-02 91st Avenue, Jamaica, NY 11432


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this crack down is only a temporary fix. The trucks will be back next week and the complaints will go up again.....

Joe Moretti said...

This is fine and dandy, but the problem continues to exist even though I brought this issue to everyone's attention back in October of 2014. Not enough from everyone involved including DOT and elected officials. Not only does this pose both a safety issue and a major noise issue, but it costs large amounts of tax payers money because these residential street, which are not designed to carry the weight-load of these trucks are being damaged.

What makes matters worse, the Mayors Vision Zero program has been in effect for over a year now and yet this issue still continues not only in Jamaica, but many other communities as well.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like something but it is actually less than one ticket a day for the entire precinct.

Anonymous said...

these residential street, which are not designed to carry the weight-load of these trucks are being damaged.

There's really no difference between the design of these streets and the majority of truck route streets.

Anonymous said...

Doing a one day (or one week) crackdown is not enough. Only a sustained effort will put the brakes on these trucks.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this is not a priority under vision zero though it should be. The big priorities for enforcement under vision zero are what are considered to be hazardous summonses like fail to yield to a pedestrian, speeding, cell phone violations, red lights, seat belts etc. Truck route violations do not fall into this hazardous summons category and therefore are not seen as being as important by the police dept.

Joe Moretti said...

While I do give kudos to the 103rd for their effort in dealing with the issue of large trucks, not only tractor trailer, but private waste trucks and construction trucks, driving on residential streets, but we are far from where we should be, considering the number of trucks that just drive on 170th each day (which at times could be 50 or more) and the huge number of complaints that I have been filing during the time frame below.

But it is a start. We need DOT to do more, especially with signage and since this seems to be a major problem not only in Jamaica but in other communities, we need a truck enforcement unit in Queens.

Anonymous said...

For god sake move out of NYC if this bothers you. The city as you remember is finished. No amount of complaining will get the results you desire. It sucks and I applaud you for trying, but the 103 is preparing to mop up the streets with the onset of warm weather. All your elected officials spoke out and told the police to be nice to the people. This isn't a slow down, it is nt a work stoppage, it's a direct order from outside the nypd. 95% of those truck drivers are some form of what everyone calls a minority. If you ticket 20 drivers and only one ticket was written to a white driver (5%) now you are a racist and can be investigate by the justice dept. common sense no longer exists. Please listen to me and move. It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Especially in Jamaica.

Kris said...

Hah, crack down on trucks but do nothing for the overcrowding and noisy streets with loud music. I agree perhaps a move out of nyc or parts of it would be a decent idea, but I think trucks are a small part of the larger issue.

Anonymous said...

I've read all the comments above-- did I miss a solution? 24/7 Police guard? Armored vehicles shutting down the streets to truck traffic 24/7? Snipers?

Anonymous said...

This is a city wide issue. "Vision Zero" is a joke. NO Enforcement = failure. I live in Brooklyn and my street is a POSTED No Truck Route. There is an elementary school just 2 blocks away and trucks violate the No Truck Routes every day. The police can't be bothered. I've actually witnessed a truck turn down this No Truck Route and a police car was behind him, passed him by and did nothing. They know that there are no businesses on this street but they didn't want to be bothered. I'm referring to semi trucks not vans.
The speed limit on a heavily traveled road near my home was recently lowered to 25 mph from 30 mph. The signs are a waste of taxpayer money. Trucks travel 40mph or faster all day and night. Again, no enforcement.
Unfortunately people have to get injured or killed before anyone pays attention.
I know NYPD is busy, but all they need is a couple of officers that randomly pick a street a day to enforce the No Truck Routes and maybe these truck drivers will get the message. Constant random enforcement city wide is the only answer.