Thursday, June 18, 2015

Contract for juvie home rejected by comptroller

From the Queens Chronicle:

South Ozone Park residents and members of the South Ozone Park Civic Association West on Tuesday erupted with applause when they heard the news that city Comptroller Scott Stringer rejected the contract for a proposed juvenile detention center on a residential block in the community.

A spokesman for the comptroller said the contract was sent back to the city Administration for Children's Services on Friday, June 12, due to "inconsistencies in the contract."

An ACS spokesman said in an email about the rejection "The Comptroller's office has given ACS additional time to provide more information about our contracts for Limited Secure Placement services, and we are hopeful that we will be able to do right by these young people and bring them closer to home later this summer."

Councilman Ruben Wills (D-South Jamaica), who announced the news to the civic at their meeting on Tuesday, called Stringer's move "a huge step" in the community's fight against the facility that seeks to hold 18 juvenile offenders at 133-23 127 St.


Anonymous said...

Everyone is for building more jails /correctional facilities (correctional, LMFAO) just as long as those correctional facilities are not in their back yard.

Anonymous said...

Stringer's move "a huge step" in the community's fight against the facility ...more like a speed bump. This project will get approved after election day, just in case any local politicians are running.

Anonymous said...

The problem with our jails is that there are too many illegals in there that should be deported but since apparently they have "rights" in the usa, they just sit in jail without any deportations and get to serve out their time without any repercussions. Deport the illegals, stop putting people in jail for only carrying a dime bag and then maybe you'll see the jails emptying out a lil bit!

Anonymous said...

the neighborhood is already in the dumps. i find beer cans, porn mags (they still exists?), and other garbage daily, lining the blocks of south ozone.