Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Worker didn't have to die

From the Daily News:

A worker who fell to his death at a Midtown construction site was riding an elevator powered by an “unsafe” jerry-rigged electrical system, the Daily News has learned.

Christian Ginesi and a co-worker were on a temporary hoist — common at construction sites — headed to the top of a hotel being built on Eighth Ave. on May 5 when the lift stalled between the 24th and 25th floors.

Ginesi’s colleague successfully jumped from the lift to the lower floor, but Ginesi slipped and plummeted 24 stories to his death.

Since then, city building inspectors looking into the cause of the accident discovered the lift suddenly lost power that day, and the electrical system that powered it was installed without a permit.

The elevator relied on “unapproved, unsafe, unsuitable electrical equipment” that shouldn’t have been in use, documents show.


Anonymous said...

Fail! Case closed.

Anonymous said...

Self certification is BS.

Jackson Heights Johnny said...

Determine WHO would be the person/persons MOST RESPONSIBLE for the failure, charge, prosecute, and incarcerate them for MANSLAUGHTER.

Do this every time, and things MAY improve.

I mean, in my eyes, this certainly is a CRIME and lawsuits NEVER bring back the dead. Irresponsible people need to have fear installed in them....