Sunday, June 21, 2015

Taking matters into their own hands

From Cleanup Jamaica Queens:

Fathers Day weekend and yet another Saturday where Jamaica residents who are fed up with inaction by local elected officials (like Senator Leroy Comrie) and unanswered calls by Queens Borough President Melinda Katz and staff, take matters in their own hands and take over the abandoned park/empty lot at 109th Ave & 171st Street in Jamaica, which has become an eyesore of overgrown weeds, garbage, broken down rusted playground equipment, remnants of what were once benches in the first phase of cleaning up this lot which is owned by a real estate company David Landau-Crown Realty of Brooklyn, who refuses to take care of this property.

So Jamaica resident & community advocate Pamela Hazel along with other activists like Gene Sassine, Larry Love, Lyle Braxton, a man who goes by OK and a couple other residents took matters into their own hands and did the first phase of this cleanup by cutting weeds and branches that are going out into the sidewalk. Other clean-up phases will follow.


Anonymous said...

There are city agencies that should be doing this. The taxpayer pays for them.

Anonymous said...

GOOD FOR THEM. I agree with the above poster 100%. The lazy so called City workers get fat paychecks on the tax payers dime and don't do their jobs. This is a case against unions said to say.

In the meantime, what do the residents do?

I applaud them.

Anonymous said...

After the big developers come in and build "affordable housing" the city agencies may start doing the work they are supposed to do

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter that City should do it-- they won't in your lifetime. So the complainers can keep complaining or do something about it like these folks. Good for them.

Joe Moretti said...

Again with the negative comments. If the fucking city is not doing what they should be doing, people should just accept that. Here people are taking matters into their own hands and at least doing something besides just bitching and accepting it. Sure the city should take care of it, but what is the option, just deal with them not doing it or at least be pro-active.

Good for people in the community at least showing some balls and commitment. These same people also let the city and elected officials know the deal to.