Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feds deny relief to Brooklyn, Bronx & Queens

From NY1:

President Barack Obama declared Friday that New York State was a "disaster area" following December's blizzard, allowing certain areas of the state to get federal recovery money.

Staten Island and Long Island's Nassau and Suffolk Counties will get federal aid to repair damage from the blizzard of December 26-27, 2010.

The declaration paves the way for the city to get reimbursed for the money it had to spend for snow removal and emergency measures, including overtime, equipment rental and temporary labor during the blizzard.

The state's application also sought funds for the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn, but those petitions were denied.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he appreciated the money, but felt the other boroughs also deserved to be on the list.


Anonymous said...

Hey Queens - yet another reason to thank your city councilman for supporting this yo-yo - but don't worry, you will 70 - 80 - 90 % of the vote the next time they run for office.

Speedy said...

Pop Pop Fizz Fizz O What a relief it ISN'T!!!

Anonymous said...

BLOOMBERG said that the other boroughs should be considered???? I find that hard to believe - my neighborhood had 5-foot-high snow mountains everywhere for at least 6 weeks following the first blizzard. When the City reinstated alternate side parking rules, there was literally no place to park. Everyone diligently somehow managed to move their cars to clear one side of the street, and given the fact that no "street-sweeping" could occur, we at least held out a half-hope that some snow plows would come along and at least break up some of the ice and snow. But we waited THREE WEEKS before any such thing happened, and then it only happened once and only broke up about half the snow. Even with the recent thaw, there are a few icebergs around the street. Yeah. Bloomberg in 2012.