Friday, February 25, 2011

Asian women targeted for attack in Sunnyside

From Sunnyside Post:

Another mugger is targeting Sunnyside and Woodside women.

In the past two weeks, three young Asian women have been followed from the 52nd Street subway station, pushed to the ground and have had their personal property stolen, said Sgt. David Porter, who spoke at the monthly police precinct 108 meeting on Tuesday.

All three muggings have occurred between 11:30 pm and 1:30am on either a Friday or Saturday night.

The police have yet to get a description of the man/men, since the women were approached from behind, before being knocked to the ground.

This latest wave of muggings is similar to what occurred last month in the heart of Sunnyside when five women were followed from the 40th Street subway station and mugged by 16-year-old Damari Morris, from Brooklyn. In that case, too, Asian women in their 20s were among the victims. The victims’ cell phones, iPods, mp3 players and cash were taken.


Anonymous said...

The south side of 52ond Street and the Queens Blvd area is riff with gang druggies dealing out of bodegas and looking for trouble at every turn.

I guess they watch their victims descend from the subway or buses from Manhattan and follow them like cowards. Where are the detectives cracking down on this type crime - it's an old story already and should have been covered by the precincts!

Anonymous said...

why aren't the newspapers covering the slumlord harassment of tenants in Sunnyside/Woodside? why isn't longtime tenants being forced out of these neighborhoods a news worthy story?

Anonymous said...

I can't find "mugging" in the Penal Law? Let's use the real term...ROBBERY......