Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Animal abusers arrested

From the NY Post:

Cherie Fillmore, 32, of Jamaica was busted by ASPCA Special Investigator Paul Romano on Feb. 5. after the carcass of a puppy pitbull, was found chained to a metal railing outside her house.

"The dog was starved, emaciated. All the fat and muscle had been exhausted. It would take weeks to get debilitated to that point," said ASPCA Asst. Director Joe Pentangelo.

Desiree Powell, 27, was taken into custody for allegedly battering her Yorkshire terrier puppy Chibi, who in just six-short months of his life had sustained three leg fractures, two broken ribs and a hemorrhage to his right eye.

An examination concluded Chibi had previously sustained three leg fractures, two broken ribs and a hemorrhage to its right eye. Powell, who lives in a luxury Long Island City hi-rise, was arrested by ASPCA Special Agent Bradley English yesterday.

From CBS:

ASPCA officers responded to a complaint at a Queens residence, where they found two pit bull terriers who appeared very thin. Upon further investigation by HLE agents and veterinary experts, it was determined that both dogs had been starved and there were no underlying medical problems to explain their poor body condition.

Leroy Shepard, 18, and Nikira Shepard, 20, were arrested for neglecting and starving the two dogs, a nine-month-old male and two-year-old female. The siblings were charged with two counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty, and if convicted, they each face up to two years in jail and/or a $2,000 fine.


Babs said...

Just two years!!

How about we chain them to the rail and not feed them instead!

friggin lowlifes . . .

Anonymous said...

Kill them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How about having them drawn and quartered on tv? That's entertainment I'd pay for.

There is NO excuse for ever harming an animal.

I guess if Mike Vick can do it then it's okay! Hey - he's still a hero!

Anonymous said...

Let them all rot in jail.

They will certainly rot in hell afterwards.

Anonymous said...

You think nothing of killing th eunborn humans but go googah over animals? How sick is that?