Sunday, February 20, 2011

Better accident data coming soon

From the NY1:

When there's a murder in New York City, or a robbery or an assault, New York City Police Department reports it to the public. But the department's statistics on car accidents, bike crashes, and collisions involving pedestrians aren't nearly as easy to pin down. At least not right now.

The City Council unanimously approved a slate of legislation Wednesday that requires the police to disclose more data about traffic and bicycle accidents. Council members and advocates say it will help New Yorkers.

The NYPD will be required to publish a searchable database, updated monthly, about traffic accidents, injuries and fatalities. It will be so detailed that New Yorkers will be able to put look up the accident history at a specific intersection. The department will also have to say how many moving violation tickets are handed out.

The city's Department of Transportation will also get involved. It will be required to publish a report every five years that looks at all traffic crashes resulting in a serious injury or death. The department will name and rank the 20 most dangerous intersections in New York.

The legislation comes at a time of intense debate over the proliferation of bike riders – and bike lanes – in NYC. And the release of this new accident data seems poised to play a key role in that fight.

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Anonymous said...

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